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Won Out On These Buys {Big Time}

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A while back i asked if anyone knew anything on a band call "Hands On The Wheel" in which no one did but the review sounded really good so i bided US$24.00 thinking an unknown band , second hand ,should get that for at least half the price and i was pissed off when someone else won it for US$24.50.

Two weeks later i got it on the German Ebay for US$ 7.90.

Sargant Fury's ,"Turn The Page" i had been waiting for ages to get ,but it would never come up so i got it through DISK HEAVEN in Japan {Mint condition , Jap Import with the book and obi strip} for US$14.50.

The next week , 2 came up on US Ebay, one the European copy , the other a Jap copy with the book so i watched to see what they ended up going for.

The European one went for US$ 24.00 and the Jap one i just got , went for US $41.00

So i saved US$ 43.10 on 2 CDS.

Boy i'm happy about that :banana:

Anyone else got a good deal story or even a bad deal story in which you saw the same CD you purchased , go for alot cheaper a bit later ? :drink:

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Well, there's always the classic story 'bout reissues...I remember tracking down the CRAAFT debut years ago and paying an insane amount for that one...Well, 2 years later it was reissued and is cheap as hell now... :doh:

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I remember when 21 GUNS, "Salute" album was first released and here in Australia you could only get it at that time on import so i paid the Aussie equivalent of US$ 25 to only see it two years time in the bargin bin for US$ 1.50.

Lost out bad then ! :angry:

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When trying to get PBF Leather Boyz I would keep bidding up to $12 but kept getting outbid. Then finally I placed my bid on one and won it for $7.00 because no one else bid on it which I thought was odd. When I got it in the mail it turned out to be the Japanese import w/obi and booklet and everything mint. I still can't figure out why the guy didn't mention that but I was happy.


I was also bidding on Spread Eagle's s/t and always seem to get in a bidding war with Daddy Warbucks and would lose the auction even after bidding up to $24.00. Then one weekend there were 4 that ended right around the same time and I ended up winning one for $14.00 while another went for $23.00 just an hour later.


Shelling out almost $40 for Vain - No Respect seems kind of stupid now that it's been reissued but since it's one of my favs I guess it doesn't bother me that bad.

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