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Suicide Bombers - "Murder Couture" (2019)


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from various internet sources:


Sounding like a 1987 band out of the Sunset Strip but hailing from Norway, SUICIDE BOMBERS are releasing their new CD “Murder Couture”. This is specifically ’80s sleazy hard rock. And very well done.

Some of you may be old enough to remember when Faster Pussycat emerged with their debut album. Or even before, the first two Motley albums. Fast forward thirty five and Suicide Bombers have totally captured the same vibe.

“Murder Couture” leads off with the same type of swagger-infused intro as our costumed heroes. You may smile at the audacity, but you brace yourself for disappointment. Then the plucky opening riff kicks in and a cascade of cleanly executed US sleazy unfurls that’ll have you reaching for a clockwise twist of the volume knob.

“So Bad”, “Love Disasters”, “End Of The Story” and “Sleepless Elite” are just as killer as opening title track, loaded with high energy riffs and sing along lyrics mixed to maximize the impact of all the band members. Simple, catchy and confident.

This is what you want from an ’80s inspired Glam Metal / Sleazy band. This recording isn’t tentative. It announces you will have a good time and defies you to feel any other way. Even the lone ballad “Worlds Without End” is loaded with grit and punch.

If you miss the true sound of an era, Suicide Bombers brings it back to you from the other side of the ocean.

“Murder Couture” is a juggernaut. Sure, there’s not much bands playing this sub-genre nowadays, so the Bombers are among the best, if not the best at it.

Turn it up at your next party or listen to it by yourself. Either way it will brighten your day.


01 – Intro: The Murder Couture Suite
02 – Murder Couture
03 – Kings & Queens
04 – So Bad
05 – Love Disasters
06 – Night That Never Ends
07 – We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists
08 – End Of The Story
09 – Worlds Without End
10 – Sleepless Elite
11 – Madman
12 – Outro:…#overandmotherfuckingout

Chris Damien Doll ‘The Sleazy Fuhrer’ (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar)
Stevie Teaze ‘The Sex Toy ‘ (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals)
C. Slim ‘The Thunder Mechanic’ (Bass and Backing Vocals) –
Lyle Starr ‘The Beat Commando’ (Drums)






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1 hour ago, martinsane said:

I've touted the Bombers in the past and if I recall the reception was less then stellar...


As with the previous releases Chris Doll is a rockstar and his band is kewl AF.

Like most of the threads here. If it's not the flavor of the month band, it gets ignored completely.

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Couldn't get into this one sadly. Pretty much like the previous one, innit? It's all "solid" but nothing on here really does it for me at all. 

Edited by Geoff
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