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Bad Reputation Records

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Hey all,

Have any of you ever purchased cd's from Bad Reputation Records website?  I am interested in picking up some of their reissues (with bonus tracks) and have a few questions regarding them.

  1. If you did buy directly from them, how was their service?
  2. Are they reliable?
  3. How was their shipping fees? I didn't see anything listed on their site about prices.
  4. How was their product (packaging, inserts, sound)?

Thanks guys and I appreciate any input on them.


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Type Bad Reputation in Discogs. com in search engine under labels. Somewhere on there you can change to your currency. But have become a member . I was just went ( no I not a member ) there and 1st album by Shark Island with live cd, and coming from your country. Some of CDs have postage prices.

Hope this can help.

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I recently purchased the Firehouse remaster directly from Bad Reputation and had no issues at all.

I don't remember what shipping was but don't remember it being that unreasonable.  And everything was packaged well.   I also remember shipping being much faster than i expected....Think I had the CD within a week which I thought was pretty good.

And the Firehouse CD sounds amazing to my ears :)

I'd have no problem ordering from them again.

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