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Keen Hue - Heydays


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1. Fly Away Honey

2. Blue Girls

3. Stay Around

4. Crossfire

5. Gimme Love

6. Take It Or Leave it

7. The Doctor´s Crying

8. We Don’t Need War

9. Wasted Time

10. Ogre King


From AOR Heaven:

::: KEEN HUE return with a trip back to their “Heydays” on November 29th, 2019! :::

On a summer´s day 1978, bass player Lars-Åke loaded his amp and speaker onto his bicycle trailer, heading for the first meeting and rehearsal with guitarist Åke and drummer Anders.

This was the start of KEEN HUE. At that time the band was exclusively playing covers from bands such as HURRIGANES and RAMONES. Three years later, the second guitarist Stefan and new drummer Peter joined the band. At this point they started to write their own music, influenced by acts like JUDAS PRIEST and BLACK SABBATH. As they were living in the same little village, the band was rehearsing almost everyday in the basement of Stefan’s parents´ house. When his mother started popping pills and his father’s hair turned white, they changed location. Next stop, Peter’s parents’ house.

Still rehearsing and gigging local venues, in the autumn of 1982, KEEN HUE also recorded and released their first 2-track single (“Spread Your Wings Of Fire/One Of Two“). The boys paid for it themselves and 500 copies were made. Another three years later, 1985, English record label Ebony Records signed the band for an LP. After the release of that album (“Ogre King“), the band had a good response from all over Europe and several countries around the world. Shortly thereafter, the band recruited bass player Kent so that Lars-Åke could focus on his vocals. The following years they did some touring in Sweden and in 1989 the singer Lars-Åke left KEEN HUE. After finding another frontman the band kept on writing songs and then released a CD in 1993 (“Juicy Fruit Lucy“). In the years to come, members changed but Stefan and Kent were still in the band, playing a lot, now under the name KEEN HUE-UNDER COVER.
Fast forward to 2018: Stefan came up with the idea to make new recordings of the old KEEN HUE-songs and contacted Lars-Åke, Åke, Kent and Peter. Everyone was onboard immediately recording the old songs with an updated sound. So here you are, 10 fresh songs written between 1981-1989. The HEYDAYS!

Lars-Åke "Plåtis" Nilsson, Vocals
Stefan Morén, Guitar
Åke "Krumme" Nyström, Guitar
Kent Jansson, Bass
Peter "Zeke" Ytterberg, Drums


Keen Hue's facebook




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Heard this the other day, and reading this thread it now makes a bit more sense. Firstly, I would have never guessed the band had that much history. Secondly, it explains why the songs are as they are. There's actually some pretty cool stuff on here musically, but the lyrics and subjects are really weak/poor, and sound like they're written by people not of their vintage. So that's explained, in that they're all older songs re-recorded. 

I was never a fan of the album they released in 1993 and this doesn't change my mind about them, but I was interested to hear it anyway. Not really a bad album... just not very good either, lol. 

Also, the album artwork is terrible. Surely they could have enlisted a decent photographer rather than gathering themselves around the camera on a tripod while one of them hit the shutter button and they all counted down the 10sec timer delay. 

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8 hours ago, gener8tr said:

I wanted so badly to like JUICY FRUIT LUCY (for the cover if nothing else), but I never dug it at all...

That said, FLY AWAY HONEY is actually quite enjoyable.

Haha, I was the same. I really wanted to like it, but couldn't. 

'Fly away honey' is a pretty cool music track, but jeez the lyrics let it down. :(

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