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A question about what is and is not allowed on the site.

Captain Howdy

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I have recently seen a few entries on this site that were never officially released on CD, and were only ever bootlegs, and thought that was against the rules.

And today I have seen that a DVD has been entered into the database, so are DVD's/Blu Ray's now allowed on the site as well?

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List the ones you think shouldn't be here, and Mike or I will take a look.

Regarding DVD/Blu-Ray releases, this is a tough one, as there are a lot of live performances now that are released as one or more of the following:

1. CD + DVD in one package

2. CD + Blu-Ray in one package

3. Separate CD and Blu-Ray releases of the same performance(s).

For example, Fair Warning - Two Nights to Remember that came out earlier this year is available as a 2-DVD package, a 2-Blu-Ray package, and a 4-CD package.

I think that if it is released on CD as part of any of these packages, it's worth including on the site.


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The Steel Panter - British invasion that has just gone up on the site does not include a CD to my knowledge. I have only ever seen it on 2 DVD or single Blu ray.


The bootlegs or wrong entries that I have seen are:

Wrathchild - Trash queens (only ever available on vinyl or bootleg CD)

LA Guns - Collectors edition No 1 (only ever available on vinyl or as a bonus CD with the Hollywood Raw album)

Rankelson - Both albums (both never available on CD, but will be released next year probably as a double album)


That's just the ones I have spotted.

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Oh, and not 100% convinced about the first two London albums.

The debut was certainly never issued on CD by Shrapnel as the entry says, and the only releases I can find any info on are Timewarp which is most defo a bootleg, an unoffficial Russian pressing which claims to be Shrapnel and one by a label called "Vamps Worldwide" which I am struggling to find out if they are genuine or not as they seem to have only ever released albums by London over a 5 year period.


Don't Cry Wolf was apparentl issued by Retrospect but most sites say that was an unofficial release, and I don't wanna go down that rabbit hole of whether Retrospect was genuine or not with all their releases. That topic has been done to death.


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