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DOLLS RAIDERS - Free Yourself (2018)


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DOLLS RAIDERS - Free Yourself (2018)



"Free Yourself" is the debut album from French hard rockers DOLLS RAIDERS launched tomorrow via Denmark’s Mighty Music. Their music is destined to fans of '80s glammy hard rock, Skid Row, L.A. Guns, Skid Row and alike, with an updated 2000's sonic approach.

For the past 4 years, Dolls Raiders has taken the stage across the Toulouse region’s Rock Scene with its baggage of classic, melodic hard Rock n’ Roll. The band has also shared the stage with many known bands such as Furious Zoo and Satan Jokers.

It all started January of 2015, when the Dolls Raiders performed at a festival in Paris under their original name: Iron Cobra. Shortly thereafter, the band chose to change its name to Dolls Raiders and began composition of its first album.

"Free Yourself" is inspired by second half of the '80s American Glammy Hard Rock and Classic Rock, with an ever-present dash of traditional Metal, especially on some guitar riffs and solos. Lead vocalist Nicolas has a bit of a young Axl type of voice, yet melodic when he wants.

The songs are dynamic, pretty catchy and very well recorded.


Among the best there's the Guns N' Roses meets Ugly Kid Joe 'Bad Morning', a song ready for the arenas titled 'Taste Of Shame' (complete with cowbell), the power ballad 'Real Love', the riff driven 'Take The Power' (akin LA Guns), the bluesy track which sports their name 'Dolls Raiders', and the slightly Skid Row-esque title track 'Free Yourself'.

Strong band from France to keep an eye on. Very Recommended

01 - Bad Morning
02 - Be Positive
03 - Burn Your TV
04 - Taste Of Shame
05 - Real Love
06 - Take The Power
07 - Dolls Raiders
08 - Free Yourself
09 - Sleeping Man
10 - Take The Time

Nicolas - Vocals
Christophe - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Claude - Bass - Backing Vocals
Richard - Drums






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