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Stone Broken - Ain't Always Easy


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From madnesstocreation.net:

Listening to the local modern rock radio station, sometimes I get tired of this worn out genre, yet on occasion, there comes across a band that captures your attention.  For that to happen, the arrangements and lyrics have to be well-thought out and crafted together nicely.  Here comes Walsell, United Kingdom’s one Stone Broken who have released their album entitled “Ain’t Always Easy” via Spinefarm/Universal Music Records.

Stone Broken is composed of Rich Moss on vocals/guitars, Chris Davis on guitars/vocals, Kieron Conroy on bass, and Robyn Haycock on drums/vocals.  They have an arena rocking sound combined with well thought out arrangements and they are making waves as they have been sharing the stage with Adelitas Way on a nationwide American tour.

“Ain’t Always Easy” begins with the track entitled “Worth Fighting For”.  It tells the story of Rich Moss about how he fought tooth and nail to get into the music industry and play music for a living.  Based on the guitar intro and Moss’s strong vocals, Stone Broken is well on its way to accomplish just that, the guitar layering between Moss and Davis.  The chorus is that electrical charge that is needed to ignite the whole damn place as it will cause people to rise up, stand up and be counted, and make their voices heard in a generational battlecry.  It is that kind of song where the more you hear it the more you like it, and I’ve learned that’s how Stone Broken operates, because they are so infectious.

Not only is the theme of persistence explored but the themes of sensual lust and love are explored in the tracks “Let Me See It All” and “Anyone”.  While, “Let Me See It All” has that feeling that one would get while listening to “Something In Your Mouth” by Nickelback, “Anyone” brings back that cool rock ballad that a metalhead wouldn’t feel ashamed rocking out to because it feels genuine coming from the vocals and lyrics of Moss in the song.  That’s what a good love song should do and Stone Broken could break out if more people know about this song.  It has that feeling of sunsets and embers dancing about a fire alongside the beach to it.

The guitars and that feeling of having this life worth fighting for is still explored in the track “Doesn’t Matter”.  The guitars are loud, the rhythm is at its perfect timing, and the chorus soars, and let me tell you, the guitars in the bridge will send that frisson down your spine and allow you to get lost in the music.  Again, that’s what a good rock song does.

Stone Broken might be the one that tells the music world that rock music is alive and well with their offering of “Ain’t Always Easy”.  Madness To Creation rates this album an 8.5/10 stars because it will continue to grow on you with each listen.  Check out the track listing below.



1 Worth Fighting For

2 Let Me See It All

3 Heartbeat Away

4 Home

5 Follow Me

6 I Believe

7 Doesn't Matter

8 Anyone

9 Just A Memory

10 Other Side Of Me

11 The Only Thing I Need

Bonus Tracks

12 Just a Memory (Live In Studio)

13 Follow Me (Live In Studio)

14 Doesn't Matter (Acoustic)

15 The Only Thing I Need (Acoustic)







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