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Robert Rodrigo Band - Living For Louder


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Guitarist Robert Rodrigo (Airless) and his band just released a new album called Living For Louder.  The lineup looks to be the same as Airless but with Johnny Gioeli on vocals.


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Get ready to rock! This November 2nd the Robert Rodrigo Band releases its new album, Living For Louder! Featuring 10 songs filled with energy and passion, and  including instrumental tracks showing off the incredible musicianship this band has always brought to the stage. 

Robert Rodrigo Band is:  Robert Rodrigo on the guitar, side by side with his longtime companions Miguel Manjon on bass, Pako Martinez on drums and joined  by exceptional guests such as Gotxi Ibarra (Hammond) and the great Johnny Gioeli (Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell) on vocals.

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1.       Living for Louder

2.       Southern Skies

3.       Lifeline

4.       Anita's Boogie

5.       Break It Out

6.       Worn Out

7.       Blue

8.       Sweet Time

9.       The Land of the Seven Colours

10.   High Dose Rate





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The solo's the best part of the song, lol. I personally really like this guy and that second Airless album is a very good album. I miss guitarists like this and it reminds me of stuff like Fate, Masquerade and TNT back in the day, with little solo fills all over the place. I dig it. 


Both those songs are very weak. :(

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