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  1. Yes. These songs are obscure. You can listen to Radio Horizonte. This is the Internet radio station where I listen to and record these jewels!!!. I am not spamming. I tell you about my experiences!!!. You can get Tunein Radio pro's apk, install it, install Kerby's mp3 converter to convert the resulting recordings you made with Tunein Radio into .mp3 files. In Tunein Radio search for horizonte 94.3. Click on the result and enjoy the radio!!!. If you recorded something you should go to the Tunein folder where the recording were stored and change file extension to .aac before to convert it into .mp3 using the mp3 converted.
  2. Thank you very much. Nice songs!!!. The #3 I don't know if it's a female voice or a male voice. I have absolute hearing and I could tell you: The song #1 is in the key of C Major/A minor, the song #2 is in the key of B Bemol/G Minor and the song #3 is in the key of E Bemol Minor or D Sharp Minor...
  3. Aahhh. I am not expecting it. I really got the answer. The sons are not bad. Why non-classic songs are good too???
  4. Why "non-classic" songs are good too???. Which of these 3 songs I linked to you did you like???. Please, answer the thread. Greetings!!!
  5. Hello, friends!!!. How are you. Me... Very happy listening to unknown, but beautiful romantic songs on the radio. Please, try to identify these 3 songs and tell me who are the artists and the songs titles, if you don't know it, you can obviously enjoy these songs. Just use headphones and enjoy the world of smooth. Song 1: Song 2: Song 3: Greetings and enjoy it. Music is life and life is music. Hahaha!!! Nicolás Matías Funtalas.
  6. Hello!!! I need help with it. When I was a child I remember a melodic song sung by a strong and melodic male voice (A "crooner" with the style of Frank Sinatra, Low Rawls, Tony Bennet, etc). and I'd like to know who is the artist and the song's title. The problem: i only remember some of the melody of the instrumental part. This is the melody I remember of that song: https://soundcloud.com/nicol-s-mat-as-funtalas/a-crooner-song The song was sung by a male voice, it has some parts of slow jazz rythm and was composed in the key of C Major. Please, listen to the melody I played and try to tell me who could be the artist and the song's title. I know it's hard because I only remember this melody of the instrument part. But, Well. Try. Greetings! - Nicolás Matías Funtalas
  7. Hello again!!! Please, listen to my new playing/humming: It's an 80'S/90'S AOR pop song I remember to be listened in some radio stations of those era. I only remember certain relevant melodies of the chorus (I can't remember the melodies so well, but I sung relevant parts of the chorus). I remember that the song was composed in the key of A Major, but near the ending it modulated to Be Major. Please, try to "rescue" certain melodies in this strange humming I made and tell me who cluld be the artist and the song's title. Thanks!!! - Nicolás Matías Funtalas.
  8. Someone replied the YouTube video and told me that it's Faithful - What happened to our love. But I cannot get info about the band called Faithful (Where was formed the band?)
  9. A friend of mine listened to this song and told me that he listened to this song at the end credits of an 80's or 90's movie...
  10. Please, listen to the chorus of this song and tell me the words you listened to, so I could guess the song's title...
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