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Why does Japan get 'editions' with extra songs?
What makes Japan so special?
Just realised that I've never thought to find out why.

I think I remember there being a specific reason a long time ago, but I bet that's redundant now.

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I believe it is all about the price for consumers in Japan.  Since the versions made in Japan cost the consumer more than an import copy from the U.S. or Europe would, record companies issue special editions w/ bonus content as incentive to purchase those

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Valid point, things are different nowadays, but I think the cost factor of the physical releases still holds true today and the digital versions, in most cases, you will find the same track lists as those physical versions just converted to a different format

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It was always that they had to pay more for CD's than anywhere else in the world, so they got extra tracks. I was also lead to believe that the CDs themselves are actually better quality than their US/Euro counterparts.

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    • Eyes of Oblivion - Hellacopters
    • Blame It on the Moon - Dan Reed Network
    • Just as a bonus, another song that has a similar theme to All new generation is this. Originally by Big Bang Babies and later covered by Pretty Boy Floyd when Keri was a member. I actually saw PBF play in London during this time, and was right down at the front and shouted for them to play this song and Keri looked straight at me and said "thanks man, that means a lot to me" ha ha  
    • Seize the day is my fave song by them.
    • There's some stuff on that album I do like a lot.....Cold Star Dancer (the song) is probably my 2nd favorite song they've done behind Got It Bad.  I also really like Kiss of Fire, Goodbye and Seize the Day.  I've just struggled getting into some of the other songs on it for some reason though.  I think maybe it was maybe missing some catchy/memorable choruses in spots.  I did like the slightly more modern and heavier, bass-driven direction they started going in on that album with many songs and seems like that's the direction this new album will go based upon the songs so far. Well see.  Really looking forward to this and Kissin' Dynamite in the near future!      
    • New song 'Radio Ga Ga' (Queen cover) from the deluxe edition of 'Fight In Me'.    
    • Ordered this from the band,hopefully here soon.
    • See for me, Cold star dancer is their best work. Everything else is great, but nothing comes close to that album for me.
    • Really looking forward to this album dropping this week!  Have loved the 3 singles so far. I kind of feel like this band sort of peaked for me with Big Red album.  Then Cold Star Dancer, while still pretty decent, was a little bit of a step down from what had come before it and Ethereality was a further step down.  Don't get me wrong, both of those albums still had some good moments but songs and/or weaker production/mix kind of put those albums well behind the first two for me.   Based upon the 3 new songs so far though and the snippet of Puppet Show I've heard on their FB page, it's sounding to me like they might have dialed things in and gotten back on track with this new one.  And this time the production does sound great and is standing out as a positive to me.    Have seen a few reviews and all have been pretty good so far.  Here's one....        
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