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Jimmy Waldo & Steven Rosen - Voices From The Past

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Press release from MelodicRock Records:

MelodicRock Records is proud to announce another fantastic “from the vaults” archive project.

“Voices From The Past” is a very special double CD voyage into the heyday of the Los Angeles 80s rock scene, with your hosts Jimmy Waldo & Steven Rosen.

Jimmy Waldo and Steven Rosen were a prolific writing duo at the height of hard rock’s popularity and were two of the go-to-guys for songs. But it didn’t stop there. This writing partnership lasted more than 30 years. And featured on these songs are the cream of the city’s musicians and singers – Jeff Scott Soto, Steve Plunkett, Billy Trudell, Keith Howland, Tim Pierce, Sherwood Ball, Tommy Thayer, Jamie St James, Marc Ferrari, Bob Kulick and more!

It is a story best told by Steven Rosen, who has penned a detailed essay for the liner notes. Here he summarizes:

Steven writes: “This songwriting partnership endured and survived the pummeling and pulverizing hammer of the music business, one that relentlessly and thoughtlessly banged you on the head with rejections and the closing of doors. Reaching out hundreds and hundreds of times to publishers, managers, music supervisors and anyone else who might listen to our music, we were summarily dismissed out of hand.
We’d sit for hours writing, recording, bashing our brains out and always coming away with something cool.

A handful of the songs here were things I wrote with other people and which Jimmy engineered. Jimmy had by the time we met, already played keyboards in New England and Alcatrazz and would go on to become a member in Blackthorne, Murder’s Row, Quiet Riot and ultimately Graham Bonnet’s band.

As time passed, we began writing with more specific artists and projects in mind. “Naked” was written as a possible song for Heart; “Ricochet” and “When A Heart Beats Alone” were written for an L.A. glam rock band Jimmy was producing called Lace; “City Of Angels” was written for the Japanese NHK network; and “Outlaws” was written for an indie film of the same name and so on.

Because we were writing for certain artists, we both knew we needed to pull in guitar players and singers who could convey a specific vibe. We were able to work with mad gifted players like Keith Howland (Chicago), Tim Pierce (Rick Springfield, Goo Goo Dolls), Harry Cody (Shotgun Messiah), Tony Palacios (Guardian) and Lance Morrison (Don Henley, Rick Springfield).

And the singers? Oh, my god. Mona Moore brought drama and passion to these songs like no other vocalist I’d ever heard. Graham Bonnet sang his heart out on “Hearts Under Fire” and “Double Cross My Heart” and Billy Trudell, working in Warpipes at the time, brought soaring and melodic thunder to “When It Was A Game,” “Runaway Fire” and “(Ain’t No) Honor Among Thieves.” 

The songs on ‘Voices From the Past’ have remained dormant for years, residing in boxes, hidden in dusty corners. Giles Avery, Graham Bonnet’s manager and a music historian with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things rock bordering on ultra-nerd, discovered these DATs, ADATs, reel-to-reels, hard drives and even cassettes deep within the bowels of Waldo’s garage. He started listening and was enthralled with what he heard. Giles rescued, resuscitated and resurrected these songs and for that Jimmy and I are eternally grateful.”

Complete details of “Voices From The Past” will be announced shortly – including the full track list and player/singer credits. 

As per usual, JK Northrup has done his complete remastering service on the tracks and Nello Dell’Omo has put together some classy artwork to match.

The double CD will be released via MRR on September 28.




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Sounds good.

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Track Listing (& Featured Vocalists)

Disc 1:
01. Billy Trudell - (Ain't No Honor) Among Thieves 04:12
02. Jeff Scott Soto - Ice 04:29
03. Sherwood Ball - City Of Angels 03:34
04. Mike Val - Ricochet 04:16
05. Mike Val - When A Heart Beats Alone 04:14
06. Guy Perry - Lay This Ghost To Rest 03:59
07. Tommy Thayer - I Wish You Heaven 04:52
08. Paul Bardot - Hearts Under Fire 03:59
09. Paul Bardot - Blood In The Water 04:14
10. Mona Moore - Second Nature 03:45
11. Steve Plunkett - Still On My Mind 04:44
12. Steve Plunkett - Baby You're The Blood 03:32
13. Steve Plunkett - Tough Enough 04:01
14. Laura Creamer - Naked 04:34
15. Billy Trudell - When It Was A Game 04:19
16. Guy Perry - Water Under The Bridge 04:08

Disc 2:
01. JP Palalenka - Talking To Myself 03:34
02. Phil Brown - Phantom Of Passion 04:32
03. Mona Moore - (Don't Give Up) On Me 03:43
04. Mona Moore - Thrill Of The Chase 03:00
05. Jamie St. James - Answers In Your Eyes 03:37
06. Various - Tough Enough (Alt Version) 04:11
07. Guy Perry - Toys Night Out 03:47
08. Greg Edelman - Blow The Beast 03:18
09. Mona Moore - Hold The Night 03:28
10. Various - Still On My Mind (Alt Version) 04:40
11. Jamie St. James - The Other Side 04:20
12. Mona Moore - Word Of Honor 04:50
13. Greg Edelman - Thinking Is A Dangerous Game 03:56
14. Jimmy Waldo - Island In The Sun (Inst.) 04:06
15. Paul Shortino - Fire Burns Twice 03:21
16. Desi Rexx - Too Far Gone 04:34
17. Mona Moore - Death Of A Kiss 03:15




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I can't wait to hear Plunkett sing again!  I hope the songs are good.

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15 minutes ago, Stefan said:


Has A "Tim Karr" feel/sound to it.

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Song featuring Steve Plunkett.



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7 hours ago, Stefan said:

Song featuring Steve Plunkett.



Interesting to hear Plunkett sing this song that he and Rosen wrote, pretty similar to Sic Vikki 's version, but keyboards sound a bit lower in the mix on this one

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    • No doubt in the world he has a sound and he doesn't stray far from it... but if it's that good I'm prepared to be lenient here,
    • Also, the boulevard album is near perfection except the 1 minute of madness at the end of Slippin Away. What were they thinking??  Might be my most played album of 2017. More accurately would no 2 spot. really looking forward to seeing them again on Saturday 
    • Yeah, I love the original.
      Interestingly, Sly Stallone wanted "Another One Bites The Dust" and Queen wouldn't allow the ise, so he asked Survivor to write their version of the Queen song.
      The watched some of the movies and saw the line "you've lost the eye of the tiger", liked the line and wrote the song.
      Another footnote, for the next movie they were presented with that "you're the best... around" song and rejected it and it went on the get fame in the Karate Kid movie. Anyway, like I said, I love the original song, but to me it sounds a bit rawer than this version.
      This version doesn't suck, it's just average in the way of "what's the point"
      Nothing new, no new take on the song.
      if you're gonna redo a song like this, it has to be (as Paul Stanley would say) bombastic.
      This isn't.

      No biggie, but of all the covers are lesser versions of the originals I'll obviously have no interest.
      To cover a song you either improve it or do your own take on it.
      Simply re-recording it with newer technology and a cleaner sound etc is not very inspiring.
    • Not sure what you mean by that. You reckon this version is more AOR than the original? Bonfire are by nature a bit ballsier than Survivor in that era and this just sounds like Bonfire doing a Survivor cover, which, by nature, is a bit more hard rock than AOR... to these ears anyway. Decent cover. 
    • Why are the making the songs more AOR than the originals? Very average.
    • Ha true..his songs are pretty much one dimensional but...two different songs so the melodies do vary(though very slightly) and the second one happens to sound better to these ears.
    • Released via Reed's own 'Zero One Entertainment' label. 
    • Eye of the Tiger cover  
    • I don't think Frontiers is involved with this one
    • True they have been known for long delays between releases.  But over a similar 15 year span from '84 -'99 they put out 4 albums vs. 2.  And after Pyromania & Hysteria a delay was understandable following up hugely successful records (with long tours), Rick Allen lost his arm and had to relearn how to play, they scrapped recordings and started over with a different producer, and of course Steve's struggles with depression and alcohol eventually leading to his death while working on Adrenalize

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