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Smash Into Pieces - Evolver


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From FB:

Smash Into Pieces new album ”EVOLVER” takes the bands unique blend of Rock, Pop & Electro to the next level! There is nothing normal about the songs, the sound and the show that comes with it - it’s simply a game changer!

”EVOLVER” will hit your mind like a bullet of inspiration and creativity, making your synapses take you for a ride!



01. Like This! (3:14)
02. The Game (Womanizer) (3:04)
03. Breaking Out (3:12)
04. Superstar in Me (3:30)
05. In Need of Medicine (3:39)
06. Ride with U (3:11)
07. Hall of Fame (3:33)
08. Paradise (3:07)
09. Lullaby (feat. Moncho) (2:36)
10. My Beast (3:46)
11. High on Life (3:34)
12. My Precious (4:16)

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On 5/28/2018 at 9:46 PM, Stefan said:

I haven't heard a bad one from these guys yet. Great band.

Oh dear, mate. Steer clear of this new album then. It's a piece of shit. I've liked this band too, but it's really bad. They've gone the route so many modern rock band go that frustrates the shit out of me... just turned into some shitty kind of retro pop act. I don't mind the sound alone, just never understand why the song-writing, along with the balls, goes to shit. Just like the new 5SOS album. Hate when bands do this. 

Oddly enough, they make a random late run towards the end of the album, with 'Paradise,' 'Lullaby' and 'My Beast' to try and save the album. Those three songs are all pretty good, but the damage is done and the rest is wretched. 

If you enjoyed these guys being a rock band, seems that dream is over. :( 

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