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Tremonti - A Dying Machine


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From loudwire.com:

Mark Tremonti's back-and-forth between Alter Bridge and his other band Tremonti takes him back to his self-titled group this year. The singer-guitarist and his band will be supporting their fourth full-length album, A Dying Machine, which is now set to be released on June 8 via Napalm Records.

The band, which is rounded out by guitarist Eric Friedman and drummer Garrett Whitlock, have been in the studio with Tremonti's longtime producer pal Michael "Elvis" Baskette, creating their latest slab of riff-heavy rock. Tremonti have offered a minute-plus teaser video for the A Dying Machine album that can be heard in the player above.

A Dying Machine finds Tremonti expanding their horizons, branching out with their first concept album. The music was inspired by a story that Tremonti himself came up with while on Alter Bridge's tour last summer, centered around the title track for the album. Tremonti is also teaming with John Shirley to author a book based around the story as well, which focuses on the turn of the next century where humans and fabricated beings called "vessels" are trying to co-exist.

In addition to the title track, a press release points to the full-on drum assault of the opener "Bringer of War," the instrumental closer "Found" and tracks like "From the Sky," "Throw Them to the Lions" and "A Lot Like Sin," which all feature touchtones of past Tremonti works, as key tracks on the album. The set will also be a more diverse release with the tracks "Trust," "The First The Last" and "Desolation" reportedly breaking new sonic ground. To pick up the new album, you can pre-order the set here.

Tremonti will start their touring support of the album stateside, hitting a few festivals along the way, before venturing overseas and spending the summer in Europe opening shows for Iron Maiden. See all of their scheduled dates below and sign up for the new website with ticketing details here.



Bringer of War
From the Sky
A Dying Machine
Throw Them to the Lions
Make It Hurt
The First the Last
A Lot Like Sin
The Day When Legions Burned
As the Silence Becomes Me
Take You With Me




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