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So Adler is touring...


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... waddayathink?

I actually thought his album was decent enough, not sure I care enough to see a drummer play GNR songs.

Basically a cover band with an original drummer.

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This is not "Adler" it is "Adler's Appetite", which are different bands, believe it or not.

I saw them a few years back before he formed Adler, and loved every minute of the show.

They did play some of their original songs like Alive, which fitted in nicely with the AFD songs.

At the time Chip Z'Nuff was bassist, Alex Grossi on guitar and Rick Stitch was on vocals (and did an amazing job). At one point Chip was replaced by a certain Mr McKagan for a few songs (this was a tiny club in London, so was a pretty big deal).


I still have one of Stephens drumsticks from that show.


No idea who the current line up is though.

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Yeah, I should have said Steven Adler is touring.

Wasn't referring to a band name.

I'd be interested if it was a mix of GNR and his solo staff and some other random songs, could be a fun night.

But likely this will cost around 60 bucks, so I dare say people won't buy tickets and it may be canned.

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I'd be interested to see this for sure. I haven't seen a live band for a few years now, so I'll keep an eye on this to break the drought. 

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