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Sebastian Bach


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So I decided to get to Give 'Em Hell.

This is a classic case of perception vs reality.

My perception is early Skid Row and the reality is that it's pretty shit.

Skid Row ST was awesome, Slave was great, and I managed to only get in to a few songs of Subhuman Race.

I've dabbled in Bach's solo stuff at times and what I find is that he does killer ballads, but everything else just isn't my cup of tea.

On Give 'Em Hell he is very Vince Neil sounding at times. That's not good or bad, just as it is, which is a bit weird.


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Comparing his solo albums to classic Skid Row is always gonna make them look less than stellar, but judged on their own merits they have have some great songs on them. I will grant you that no single one of them is a great album, but if I cherry pick some songs off them I could probably make an album better than Subhuman race (which in itself is ok, but certainly not great).

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You I'm sure you're right.
For me there would be a bit of his screaming style of faster and heavier songs being something that I am no longer into hearing.
Missing a lot of hooks and melody for me.

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I think Subhuman Race and Bach solo albums Angel Down and Kicking and Screaming are pretty good albums. Better than anything Skid Row has put out since Bach left.

Now Give 'em Hell was weak. It was a let down for me. Definitely weaker than his last two CD's.

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