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BABYMETAL Guitarist Mikio "Ko-Gami" Fujioka Dead At 36


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Mikio Fujioka Screenshot


BABYMETAL Guitarist Mikio "Ko-Gami" Fujioka Dead At 36 After Falling Off An Observation Deck, The guitarists fell on December 30th and passed from related injuries on January 5th.

I was unaware that he taught and had released texts teaching guitar. Makes sense however as from what I have seen his playing was quite competent.

Quite obviously 36 is way to young.


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I've not partaken in this band since hearing samples I hated, but these guys are pretty big news, aren't they? I think they even toured Australia recently, which to me means people are listening. Is this a big story in the rock/metal world? 

Anyway, I am unfamiliar with this chap and his music, but R.I.P. 36 is indeed way too young. 

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