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Just got a ping on this band and I dig the Metal Train track. Nice and heavy!


EP out and a full length on the way (October 27th to be precise).


I did spin the 11 tracks off L2R (Licence To ROck) and man is it good. The opener has a very samey vibe as the Lack of Communication/I Can Fight Dirty Too riff and the rest of the record stays just as heavy and catchy.









1. Intro

2. Don't Touch The Light

3. Reflections

4. L2R

5. Watching

6. Metal Train

7. Believer

8. Tell Me

9. Start The Fire

10. Turn On The Radio

11. Nights of Pleasure




Jacky Coke – vocals
Steam Thiess – guitar
Pappe – bass
Sammy Sin – drums

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Not bad. Got some sleazy vibe I always liked.

Cool and as they churn out some more samples you will keep hearing, at least in the music and guitar tone that Tigertailz early Ratt vibe.


Sure the singers voice is sketchy at times but in the same token she gets after some vintage Doro and for bonus points looks fine in a leather mini...

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Surprised the release of 'Never 2 Old 2 Rock' hasn't rated a mention. I guess the awful vocals are keeping everyone away?

1    .    Line of Fire

2    .    From Hell

3    .    Hot4Ever

4    .    Hell Freeze Over

5    .    Rise Up

6    .    Turn Around

7    .    N.2.O.2.R.

8    .    Loud 'n' Proud

9    .    Make Some Noise

10    .    House of Pain

11    .    Never Let You Die

12    .    Hit Me with Your Best Shot

13    .    The Rich Should Pay


It's a decent hard rock album, spoiled by the vocals. But it's pretty damn hard to not enjoy stuff like this;




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