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Released July 14 by Rockshot Records in Italy and due for international Release In October 2017 is the new melodic rock CD by Freight Train......I received my copy from Rockshot this week and believe this one may end up becoming a sleeper that slips past the radar of many collectors:






Rockshots Records proudly announces the signing of AOR/melodic rock band Freight Train, a young and rising band from Italy formed in 2015. In the same year the band released the first videoclip: a cover version of Journey‘s “Any Way You Want It”, getting them noticed by AOR fans on YouTube and giving an unexpected exposure. Freight Train's debut album, called ”I”, offers a classic AOR sound revisited in a fresh and modern way, thanks to the massive use of choirs, celestial keyboards, stunning guitars and bass works, solid drums and multi-versatile vocals.



Track listing

1. The Beginning 2. You Won't Fall 3. Into The Fire 4. Another Chance 5. Here I Am 6. Somewhere, Someday 7. The Prelude 8. Reach For The Stars 9. Any Way You Want It (Journey cover) 10. Into The Fire (acoustic version)


Ivan Mantovani (v) Andrea Cappelletti (g) Enrico Testi (g, v) Anton Bagdatyev (k, v) Lorenzo Pucci (b, bv) Mattia Simoncini (d)


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Not to shocking noone paid this thread any mind, it isn't a (enter band no one cares about or knows too much about already) thread...


The songs are good, vocally and musically and certainly as mentioned this album could easily sneak right up on you and become a summer fave.



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