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Upgrading forum software


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Just a heads-up that I am arranging for the forum software to be upgraded, as the current version is past end-of-life.


This will be a major upgrade, and I don't know how much downtime will be involved or what functionality and customization might be lost in the process.


There likely will be a period of adjustment afterwords as things get put back or made to work. Unfortunately, I am in my busiest period of work and have some upcoming medical procedures, so please bear with me if there are delays in getting the community ship-shape again.





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Ok, so forum software has been upgraded. Things are going to be a bit wonky until I can get old features reinstalled (assuming they can be). This might take a while.

Please respond to this thread with things that you find not working or missing.

There may be some features that y'all are used to that might not come back or might function completely differently...


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Update: There is a massive number of update tasks that are running as background processes to convert messages, profiles, etc. so the forum is going to be slow as f*ck for the next day or so. Until the process are done running, I can't really work effectively on tweaking things.

I know that donor badges have fallen off. I will need to find a different forum plugin to bring that functionality back. So that might be a while.

The new design is more responsive, so mobile viewing should be easier (current lag notwithstanding).

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So I can't find the other thread that was discussing stuff around the new site but here are a couple things that I miss.


1. On the threads that are uber long, soy what CD did you buy this week, we used to be able to hover over the topic and select to view unread posts and not start at the beginning. Can that come back?


Also, can you modify the "read unread posts, to include something that can go back into the ones you read a bit? Maybe more along the lines of what was before with "read latest posts"? And that when you hovered gave you some some options of how far back you could go.

Ticky tacky things that I grew fond of.


THanks Dan.

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The functionality seems to be completely different in this new version. It's a lot more customizeable... but also a lot more complicated (IMO).

Check out the various "activity feeds" that you can use. You can also create custom feeds with various settings in order to see just certain types of activity (unread, threads you started, etc.)


I don't have a firm handle on how it all works yet...

If you go to the unread content feed:


By default, clicking  on a thread there takes you to the first post in the thread, BUT if you click on "Read Status" and change the option to "Unread item links take me to the first unread comment" and THEN Save changes or as a new stream, it will then be the default moving forward.

I like that each person can customize their own feed settings, but it's not simple. :(

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