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Big Talk ever been discussed?


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Im not sure if they have ever been discussed on here or not, but came acrossed this disc by accident, not being a huge fan of The Killers, they are somewhat of a local act, but I had never in a million years known Ronnie Vanucci the killers drummer, could basically smash his popular band, with his side band called Big Talk, and not to mention sing waves around Brandon Flowers, it's ashame he takes backseat after putting out music like this song, I mean nothing mind blowing but in this day and age, and compared to the killers, this is pretty much as close to good rock as ive heard out of america in years, sorry if you already discussed this, as usual, late to the table.


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There's no way this guy sings "waves around Brandon Flowers."

TWAT? dude you got to much of da ole cock in your ears, don't tell me your one of those whose going to sit and (with a straight face) argue with me about this, 1st of all, Brandon Flowers has a voice that might just border with Neil Young as most agonizingly bad voices in the history of recorded music, sometimes when I'm listening to it, I find my brain has completely stopped, and I start trying to figure out if im having an acid flashback, or if this is honestly a dudes lead vocals in an actual real song, because I cannot comprehend just how bad a vocalist can be, and you Nolan, listen to a Killers song, and upon finishing the song, one of the words that pop into your head upon listening to anything Flowers sings, the word GOOD!! falls into anything describing his vocals?? you my friend are a schmeckle, now put a dollar in the swear jar, and apologize for bad taste, we believe in forgiveness!!

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