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NEVADA BEACH - Read It On The Wall (2016)


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Some years ago, NEVADA BEACH, the hard hitting rock band that released two celebrated albums on the Warner Brothers subsidiary Metal Blade in the late 80s, reunited and are playing together again. Now Nevada Beach are releasing "Read It on the Wall", a list of archived quality demo songs meant to be completed as the follow up to the band's 'Zero Day' CD appeared in 1990, their last official album.


This recording is now being made available to as a tip of the hat to some of the true Nevada Beach and Eighties hard rock fans.


Singer / songwriter Hank Decken has spent most of his life playing music. After his early years playing is various bands in New Jersey and New England, Decken took the reins in Rosie, playing more than 300 dates a year and attracting the attention of producer Chris Tsangarides (Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy, Concrete Blonde).


Rosie evolved into Nevada Beach, that released two successful albums. Nevada Beach's second release, Zero Day, garnered the Headbanger's Ball favorite 'Waiting For An Angel' playing for 16 weeks.


Nevada Beach had a heavy tour schedule, which was joined by extensive radio support and media coverage. The breakup of Nevada Beach led Hank back to his roots in the regional r&b rock band Ring, releasing the album Centrifuge.


Most recently, Hank reunited Nevada Beach and are presenting "Read It on the Wall", all material recorded in the early 90s.


The band's sound & style was always compared to AC/DC, but Nevada Beach is more of a hard rock / pop metal beast, like a cross between Dirty Looks, Britny Fox and Great White.


The recordings on "Read It on the Wall" are pretty well done, something like pre-production demos, which in the early Nineties for a major label signed band, were really good.


The band line up changed at this point. Hank Decken still fronted the band and provided all songs, lead vocals and guitars with Geoff Safford remaining on rhythm guitar.


Bass player Nick Noiseux and drummer Jay Gates joined the band and performed on almost all the tracks here. There are a few older songs with the original line up of Tony Rivers on bass and John Murphy on drums.





If you are a fan of music from the hair metal era, you will most certainly enjoy this record.


Sometimes polished, sometimes raw but always melodic, all tracks on "Read It on the Wall" kick with a hard rock groove and certain edge.


Hard copies on CD will be available at Nevada Beach gigs, but if you're are overseas can order the disc following the link below.


01 - Fire Stops
02 - Violence
03 - Shut Your Mouth
04 - Hollywood
05 - Walking Out
06 - Straight Fall
07 - Read It On The Wall
08 - The River
09 - Back To Back
10 - Buster's Ode


Hank Decken - Vocals, Guitar
Geoff Safford - Guitar and Backup Vocals
Nick Noiseux - Bass
Jay Gates - Drums
Tony Rivers - Bass
John Murphy - Drums



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