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Elevener - new songs (from an upcoming album?)


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After a few years of "indefinite hiatus", they're back with a new single and album #3 to follow.

Earlier releases: When Kaleidoscopes Collide (2008), Symmetry In Motion (2011)


From FB:

Approcahing the winter solstice, contemplating on the passing of time...
Check out the lyric video for our new single and be sure too look out for more from Elevener in 2016.


Elevener came to life as childhood friends Johan Bergquist (vocals, keyboards, bass) and Andreas Brodén (guitar, drums) joined forces in 2005 to make new music sounding as if the 90's never had existed.

The duo released the Elevener debut-album "When Kaleidoscopes Collide" in July 2008 on AOR Heaven (Europe) and in August 2008 on Avalon/Marquee (Japan). "When Kaleidoscopes Collide" generated rave reviews and was one of the most talked about debut albums on the AOR scene that year.

In 2009 Johan decided to take a break from music and also left his position as the keyboard player for Swedish hard rockers M.ill.ion. Since Andreas lives on the other side of Sweden, distance and also work commitments got in the way for a continuation of the original Elevener line-up.

In January 2010, guitarist Magnus Lindqvist heard the Elevener debut and through a mutual friend him and Johan got together and soon realized they shared the same taste and ambitions in music. Johan and Magnus started jamming together and ended up with a bunch of songs and the plan to put together a full band.

As the hunt for the missing pieces began, Johan came to think of drummer Anton Roos (Saffire) whom he had seen playing on the Gothenburg club scene in early 2010. Johan says, "I knew Anton was one of Gothenburg's finest drummers but I wasn't sure if he'd like to join us on our AOR-crusade. It turned out he liked our stuff very much and decided to take part in this."

Thanks to Magnus having played on the cover band circuit with singer Pierre Wensberg (Prisoner, Tommy Denander, Heartbreak Radio) and bass player Robert Garnold (Heartbreak Radio) those two renowned musicians were asked to join and to Johan's delight Elevener had now evolved into a full band.

Without Magnus, this new version of Elevener would never had seen the light of day. His energy and commitment has been vital in creating the second chapter in the history of Elevener.

The new line up started recording in late 2010, and in February 2011 they hook up with Martin Kronlund at JM Studios (Paul Young, Phenomena, Overland etc.) to put the finishing touches on the new album called "Symmetry in Motion", which is scheduled for release in the early summer of 2011.

The new members sure set their mark on Elevener, most notably with Pierre Wensberg handling the lead vocals in style. It's a different sounding Elevener, but the hooks are still there and the focus on melody and harmonies is still there, echoing an era when music perhaps was a bit more uplifting.

They are "still gloriously unfashionable".


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Nice song. I diggit.


Yeah, the second album was pretty disappointing. Not bad, just very average. But like Myland, they're basically a completely different band to the one that released the album that made them a presence in the scene.

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New song 'Bittersweet Memories'.

From FB:

In celebration of the 11th anniversary of When Kaleidoscopes Collide, the original Elevener lineup rose from their hibernation and recorded a new song “Bittersweet Memories”, now available on all major digital platforms.

“Bittersweet Memories” is the first song Andreas has recorded in over a decade and it also has Johan providing lead vocals for the first time since 2008. It seems as if kaleidoscopes did collide, once again.




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