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Winter Calling


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Winter Calling is an American hard rock/metal band formed in Florida in 2013. The band consists of Chris Hodges (vocals), Ian Medhurst (guitar), Tim Gilbreath (bass), and Wayne Hoefle (drums, piano, keys).

Winter Calling began as a side project for Wayne, who was composing film music at the time, and Ian, who was touring with the John Wesley Band. Upon finding a bit of magic with their early song-writing efforts, the two recruited Texas-bred, guitarist-turned-bassist Tim Gilbreath. The three continued composing their unique blend of rock and began an extensive search for a vocalist to complete the group. Their search led them to the "land of dreams" and LA based performing artist, Chris Hodges. Chris proved to be everything they were looking for in a vocalist and more!

Together the four honed their dynamic sound, best described as a synergistic blend of progressive rock, old-school metal, and film music, and embarked on recording Winter Calling's debut album "As Darkness Falls".

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