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A couple years ago a friend turned me onto a band called Habit Of Force that's metal similar to Pantera & Hell Yeah combined but in my opinion kicks both their asses ten fold. Since then I've become more of an expert on them than him because he's an internet illiterate & I have no life so I spend a lot of time searching lol. This band is very unique because they make available all of their music as a free download on their site BUT they remove older stuff as they do. I have found a couple of their EPs that are on disc on Amazon as time progressed. And also their latest compilation on CD Baby. BUT I have never been able to find their first album "Submission Denied" or their newest album (self titled) "Habit Of Force" on CD. Only as free downloads. Over the last year or so I have emailed them about CDs of those albums & got no satisfactory reply. So... tonight I messaged them on facebook & asked what gives. Are those albums actually even on CD. Within an hour one of them replied & asked for my mailing address. I was ecstatic! But I didn't want to get my hopes up too high (thinking that meant they were mailing me copies). Then an hour later I not only got a confirmation that they were mailing me a copy of each album on CD but they thanked me for my diligent effort of spreading the word of their band, acknowledging that I have been trying to pass the word about them everywhere. So if you like thrashy metal similar to what Pantera was but with more drive & real vocals look them up. If you like them please support them :)

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cool package!

Yes. Thanks. I was so shocked. I tried to get them to let me reimburse them for at least the shipping. They wouldn't have it. Class act for sure!

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I love stories like this as I harass and talk up bands all the time and have been treated very kindly by many who I have befriended.


Whats under the drum head? A t-shirt, some stickers and a couple a buttons.


Again, great story and it just goes to show that a few good words about your favorite bands goes along way to getting them some well deserved attention and of course that there are a good number of musicians that are really grateful for said attention.


Thanks for sharing both the story and the band!

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A badass T Shirt I'm wearing tomorrow to a biker rally lol. Also there were wrist bands, a key chain/bottle opener & a few stickers yes.

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    • Hello, me in 2019. I used to think that way but over the course of the last two years I have lost all respect I ever had for the police. In this instance, I honestly don't know. I'm sure there's two sides to the story, but I'm far less inclined these days to feel any sympathy for the police considering the roles they've played in covid management. Fuck them, I regrettably say these days. 
    • Pushing the kids was pretty harsh, but there is no context. Judging by the way she was speaking, accusing the police of groping her friend, you'd think that she was likely inciting them. Doesn't justify the shove of a kid, but in a karmic world, possibly got what she deserved. I hate these clips, and the Avi is a fucking dick. He dissipates what he does by leaning so far to the right that he's as bad as the lefties. The cops wouldn't be detaining a young girl unless they had a reason. People honestly think that all 10 cops there was all in on being unfair and persecuting the girl? nope.
    • John Cooper of Skillet fame wanted to experiment with a heavier style than his main band allowed for, so the Fight the Fury side project was born. As you can tell from the video, it basically sounds like Skillet crossed with Slipknot. Not for everyone but I kind of dig it.
    • You've presented a whole load of easily debunked statements about atheism. When corrected you've taken your bat and ball home.  You had a chance for a conversation but for some reason unable to have that conversation. The you just resort to insults.   I turn my other cheek. 
    • The arrogance and hypocrisy in this statement is what is staggering. Maybe we could turn this into a big collective circle jerk for all the poor misunderstood atheists. I will leave you to it. Enjoy.
    • I know this thread is Mr.AOR's, so I won't impose, but I do need to post this one. I've posted it before, but I do think this track truly encampasses the true meaning of our modern day Christmas.     
    • Nice SCTV reference.   Rick Moranis is an absolute legend and good guy by all accounts. 
    • It's been a while since we've had the Mr.AOR advent calendar.  Nice one. I look forward to the next 24.
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