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Some vintage KISS and Maiden merchandise order forms...

Fat Freddy

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My 8-year old son and I made an interesting find at our local-yokel thrift store: when we walked into the store, there was a big pile of random junk in the front lobby. This is the so-called "free crap" pile, i.e. non-sellable stuff that's on its way out to the dumpster. On top of the pile was a stack of albums. I noticed KISS' Rock and Roll Over sticking out and said to my 8 year old son "Cool, check this out dude, it's one of Dad's favorite KISS albums." I then realized that the sleeve was empty - there was no LP in it. The guy behind the counter sez "Yeah, they're all empty." I'm like "Who the hell donates record covers without the records?"

My son suddenly pipes up "Can I take some? I can hang them on my bedroom wall!" That sounded like a neat idea (and a way to save some of these classic covers from becoming landfill) so I let him grab a handful (the counter guy was gonna give'em to him for nothing but I insisted on paying a quarter apiece for 'em). He came home with the covers to Maiden's Number of the Beast and Maiden Japan (!!), Twisted Sister's Ruff Cuts (!!), and KISS' Rock and Roll Over and Love Gun.

Even cooler is when we got 'em home and were hanging them on his wall, we found vintage merchandise order forms inside the Number of the Beast and Love Gun sleeves. Way cool! Here's some pix. The KISS order form was 2-sided, the Maiden one was one-sided. I thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing this vintage stuff and the prices they were charging. Ahhh, memories!!




Hey, there's no expiration date on the coupons on either merch form - does anyone think I can still get a year's membership in the KISS Army for five bucks, a patch for a dollar, or the 1977 Tour Book for $3.00? How about a Maiden wristband for 6.00 or a baseball jersey for $12?

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