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Cynthesis (band with ex-Zero Hour members)

Chisel Chin

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Is anyone here familiar with the prog metal band Zero Hour?


They made a few albums, but seemed to have a problem retaining vocalists throughout their existence, and split around 2008. But they made a couple of great albums with their first singer, Erik Rosvold, around 15 years ago.


Anyway, I've just discovered Cynthesis, the current band with the Tipton brothers and original singer Erik Rosvold (i.e. 3/4 of the original ZH line-up).


They've done a couple of albums, which are a concept that will span three albums:


-- DeEvolution (2011)
-- ReEvolution (2013)
Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else was interested and wasn't aware of them. It's that same Zero Hour sound, heavy in parts but overall more laid-back and atmospheric. I couldn't believe it when I discovered them the other day purely by chance, as those early ZH albums with Rosvold singing were the only ones I really enjoyed.
Release The Deity:
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Not usually my cup of tea, but have to say I'm impressed with this. Really nice.


Love this as well:


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I still hold the opinion that The Towers of Avarice is my favorite prog metal album from the day of its release till nowadays.

I only see some competition coming from the later releases of Mekong Delta.

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