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Hungryheart - Dirty Italian Job


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Their third album out June 29th.



Pressrelease from Tanzan Music:

After two albums ("Hungryheart" and "One Ticket To Paradise") which have made Hungryheart a very popular and respected band within the AOR / Melodic Rock world, the band is set to release its third album, "Dirty Italian Job". 12 songs of pure melodic hard rock characterized by the unmistakable sound of Hungryheart. Throughout the last 5 years, the band and each of its members have had the opportunity to share the stage, play and collaborate with names such as House of Lords, Mitch Malloy, Bobby Kymball, Vinny Appice, Issa, Kelly Keeling and many others. The experience earned led to a peak of artistry and song writing perfectly expressed in this new album where hard rock roots melt naturally into a great diversity of musical influences. Typical AOR tunes such as "Back To The Real Life" and the single "Shoreline" stand together with classic rock songs such as "Rock Steady" and "There Is A Reason For Everything" while "Devil's Got My Number", "Time For The Letting Go" and "Second Hand Love" show the bluesy side of the band.


This last song and ballad "Nothing But You" is based on a vocal duet between Hungryheart's founding members Josh Zighetti and Mario Percudani.The Lyrics thrive with positive messages concerning life, dreams and hope. The only cover is "Bad Love" by Eric Clapton, rearranged and adapted to Hungryheart sound. The album, produced by guitarist Mario Percudani (Mitch Malloy, Ted Poley, Axe, Lionville), features Josh Zighetti on vocals, Paolo Botteschi on drums and Stefano "Skool" Scola on bass. It has been recorded and mixed at Tanzan Music Studio (Italy) by Mario Percudani & Daniele Mandelli and mastered by senior engineer Brad Vance (Foreigner, Mr.Big, Ritchie Blackmore) at Red Mastering Studio (California, USA).

JOSH ZIGHETTI: lead & backing vocals
MARIO PERCUDANI: guitars, backing vocals, lead vocals on #04 / #07

Paolo Apollo Negri: keyboards on #02 / #07 / #10
Alessandro Del Vecchio: keyboards on #01 / #04 / #06 / #08
Giulio Garghentini: backing vocals on #08









01. There Is A Reason For Everything
02. Back To The Real Life
03. Shoreline
04. Nothing But You
05. Devil’s Got My Number
06. Bad Love
07. Second Hand Love
08. Time For Letting Go
09. Right Now
10. You Can Run
11. Rock Steady
12. All Over Again

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Sadly the first album with the first singer is quite weak because he's kinda singing off-key as far as I recall.

Mario is a nice guy and good guitarist, I dig the second even though it's somehow bordering average, hopefully the new one will be in much better shape

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Surprised they're still going. Yeah, first two albums have not been much to speak of so far, so hoping for something from the new one, though not really expecting it.

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It actually sound pretty decent for the most part. Can't see it blowing by ass off, but it'll probably be a pretty decent album by the sounds of it.

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I just listened to their first two today. Okay 70% type albums; nothing more, nothing less. I hope this one is a good 'un.

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This one is very much where the last two left off. They're an okay band, but will never be more than a 70% type band. 'All over again' is the best (and last) song on this album.

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