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The Dreaming - Painkillers, Empty Promises


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A few people have asked about this 2015 release. I dig it, although some here may be put off by the electronica elements in some of the songs.


Is it just me, or is there something Sting-esque about the lead vocals at times?








And my favorite track:



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Good consistent album. I am digging it, but my biggest issue would be that it's very one dimensional. They have a nice, safe formula and it works well, and they stick to it. No really amazing songs, but plenty of very good solid ones.


You can already notice within these songs here a similarity, which is across the board on the entire disc.

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Yup. If there's a criticism to be made, it's that all the songs blur together after a while. Not enough variety. I enjoy it, but the relisten factor is very low. I likely will have forgotten about the album by mid-year...

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Yeah, it's the kind of solid that only gets better as the songs gain their own identity the more you hear them. It's a good one.

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