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How to find shows around Philadelphia


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Looks Like I'll be upping my airmiles a lot over the next year and spending a lot of time in the USA. Including weekend stayovers.


How would I find what shows are on? I've tried ticketmaster and generally googeling but it seems not so easy.


I'll be based in Wilmington, Delaware, so Washington up to New York are in play.


Just found Kix are playing in Lancaster on 27th Feb , which is very very tempting. Took me more effort than it should to find that.


Any tips would be appreciated.


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Let me know which dates you will be in Wilmington. You will be close to Baltimore, Philly, and New York. If you know the days you will be there... I can fill you in with the good shows.

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Santa Cruz in Baltimore on May 14th.


And if you are Wilmington on April 30th.. I have a show booked with Station, Nasty Habit, Mach22, Last Call Messiahs, and Lady Beast in Columbia, Maryland.


I'll put you on the guest list if you can make it.

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I'm in on 23rd Feb and out on 5th March for the first trip. Then I'm not sure.

Kix in Lancaster looks perfect for that first weekend I'm there. Always wanted to see them.

I'd think Washington to the South and New York to the North are as far as I'd wander. Been to Lancaster shopping so curious how that would be. Do the Amish rock out? :-)

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March 3rd.. Doro in Philly

March 4th .. Doro in Springfield, Virginia.

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