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Crash Midnight-Lost In The City


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Crash Midnight-Lost In The City


Shaun Soho - lead vocals
Bo - bass guitar
Alex Donaldson - lead/rhythm guitars
Eric Groseclose - guitars
Andrew Merkle - drums

Release date November 2014
Label: Ingrooves

Made For Money
Welcome To Boston
Outta Control
You're The Only One
Diamond Boulevard
City Girl
Take It
Goin' Down The Drain
Somewhere Yesterday
Long As It's Free
Nowhere To Go

I didn't know what to expect from this silver platter when it arrived on my doorstep but after a fistful of days in heavy rotation to fully saturate the senses in the aural titillation that manipulating my psyche i must concede that Boston's Crash Midnight Lost In The City is a solid ball of sleazy, gritty, street punk, hard rock infused rock n roll album to be reckoned with. Hell, "Just another band outta Boston" my ass! More like the ONLY band to come outta Boston in the last decade worth a listen if you ask me.

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of what Crash Midnight was throwing down. TONS of swagger, style, vim and vigor. A vocalist that does carry a tune in a bucket, a bucket of rhythm and blues with a heaping helping of classic raspy lineage vocalists, think in the ilke of Steve Tyler, a studio Axel Rose, Junkyard's David Roach and Buckcherry's Josh Todd... Great company to keep if your asking. The rest of the band covers all the sleazy hard rockin' bases with killer leads, foot tapin', head banging hard rock that will appeal to the masses, the metal heads and the ladies as well. For comparison purposes musically, Crash Midnight emulates (or maybe incant is more apropos) the mighty Junkyard a ton (which I for one can't hear enough of the 'yard), a smattering of GNR, two fist fulls of Salty Dog, another dash or two of some classic rockers like Aerosmith and then lightly seasoned to taste with a number of artists in the ilke of: Tora Tora, New American Shame, Spread Eagle, Cinderella, Buckcherry... Any of those great time party bands that you can't spin enough and that just speak to you. You know the ones I mean with the album of tunes that never leaves the tape deck. The tunes that make you drive a bit faster and maybe do a thing or two you shouldn't but be damned if at that moment you could give 2 rips.

The songs are everything you'd expect and want from a gang of leather jacketed, street walkin', Marlboro smokin', whisky snortin' rock stars in the making. Lead off track 151 pays a huge homage to Junkyards Blooze. NO lie, play them back to back and its like part 1 and part 2. Unintentional I'm sure but brilliant none the less. Just a killer drinking song. From there we blaze through another 40 minutes of 3 minutes and done rock n roll numbers. Highlights for me are and in no particular order, Only One, Going Down The Drain, Nowhere To Go and the harmonica laden countrified balladry of Somewhere Yesterday. That said however, you won't go wrong with any of the other album tracks and you won't skip a one. Guaranteed.

I am quite looking froward to future installments from Crash Midnight and fingers crossed they trek out West for a show or two as I am certain that a live venue would be the ultimate setting for these soon to be imho classics rock n roll numbers. I bet the boys leave it all on the stage as would be expected and I want to be front and center for whole damn thing.



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Good thread. Irrelevant to my review, but nice to see.

It's this actually your review? Maybe I'll read it, then.

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