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23 Acez - Redemption Waves


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Second album out January 2nd.


From FB:


23 Acez is a project founded by Zors (Benny Willaert) in 2010. He started writing songs and hooked up with Pete Mush, who’s a producer / composer. Behind the drumkit he put Flix Serwir, a long-time friend and drummer of Black Snow (Zors’ earlier band). Altogether they recorded 12 songs which became the album “Crossroads”. To keep it simple Zors played (almost) all guitars, including the bass. For extra lead guitars he asked Tom Tas and Dario Frodo to add some extra sauce. These guys are extremely talented and especially very enthusiastic. The recording almost took a year, bits and pieces were added every week until they had a satisfactory result. It was the intention to keep it raw and pure, not too many rehearsals, not overdoing it, not overthinking it… just R’nR.
The music can be best described as riff- oriented melodic rock…. Heavy, though catchy. It keeps getting better, the more you play it.
Will 23 Acez be doing any live shows? Probably, all depends on the reception of the listeners. If there is any demand for playing the album live, it’ll happen. But for now, keep on buying or legally downloading the album. If there’s some dough left, they’ll record another one…That’s a promise!


23 Acez:

'Zors' Willaert - Vocals/Guitars
Tom Tas - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Tom Mundez - Bass
Jonathan Braeckman - Drums









The Bigger Picture

Colors On The Ceiling

Redemption Waves

My Blood


From The Moment

Looking Back

Morning Sun




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It's a very bad film clip, but a good song.


I feel like the budget production job will have a huge impact on my enjoyment of this. The songs and sense of melody sound pretty decent, but it's a flimsy production job and I'm not convinced by the delivery either - sounds a little half-hearted. Worth a listen, though, I'm sure.

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