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Wake The Nations - Sign Of Heart


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Debut album out January 30th.

I'm digging the first single alot!


From FB:


"Wake the Nations” serve international hard rock with respect for the 80’s. The album “Sign of Heart” is full of featuring artists from all over the globe. Killer songs are saturated with today’s pure sound and professional musicians behind their instruments - a setup that makes this record the coolest and the most diverse melodic hard rock album in years!

International flavour is compiled by Estef Martinez’s strong female performance, Dado Topić’s deep and unique vocals, bunch of Finnish front-row heavy metal singers (e.g. Taage Laiho, Janne Hurme, Nils Nordling), as well as Alan Jackson’s and Oz Rivera’s unconventional lyrics, some to mention. As an example, Dado Topić is widely known and followed not only in his home country, but also in other parts of Europe (partly because of the Eurovision contest representation back in 2007). Dado won “The best rock singer and song writer during the past 40 years in Croatia “ -award in 2006.

"Sign of Heart" album kicks ass with 10 diverse tracks from traditional hard rock of the 80’s all the way to more modern, yet melodic, rock ambience of 21’st century. The lyrical journey gets you through the storms of love and misunderstandings to which most of us can easily identify with.



The Band:
- Risto Tuominen [Finland] / guitars, vocals, additional keys
- Janne "Gekko" Granfors [Finland] / bass
- Jori "Jorge" Tojander [Finland] / keys
- Tuomas Pelli [Finland] / drums
Featuring Artists:
- Dado Topić [Croatia] / vocals
- Estef Martinez - Insider [Ecuador] / vocals
- Taage Laiho - Kilpi/Mad Hatters Den [Finland] / vocals
- Janne Hurme - Human Temple [Finland] / vocals
- Nils Nordling - Dirge Eternal [Finland] / vocals
- Krister Stenbom - Villa Sucka [Finland] / vocals
- Timo Pelander - Finlanders [Finland] / guitar
- Jari Pailamo - Ponies To Kill/No Man's Land [Finland] / keys
- Kalle Saarinen - Clayskin [Finland] / drums











01. Fairytale Romance
02. The Touch Of Your Hand
03. All I Want
04. So Broken
05. Love Distracts The Senses
06. This Feeling
07. Seas Of Emptiness
08. Love Leads The Way
09. Until The End Of Time
10. Who Am I



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Well, for me, the second "Fairytale Romance" is much better sounding to my ears. I really enjoy the much fuller sound of this track and the melody is captivating. I would love to hear more from this band.

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