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Knighthood - Bad Habits


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From FB:
Knighthood are a new band featuring Frank Knight - Vocals ex Wild Knight/X-Wild and collaborator for Accept, UDO, Jorn and many others, and Paul Curtis - Guitars/Producer ex Gypsy/Lady Luck/Balance of Power/Tytus Groan/Faithealer

Frank and Paul met by accident at a gig in Cumbria, North-West England in 2011. It soon became apparent that they had a similar musical history, mutual contacts and they shared stories of life on the road especially in Europe.

By the end of their second meeting not only had they written a song together but they had a finished mix of it. This triggered a writing frenzy and their common ground in musical taste made for a very comfortable and swift writing partnership.

To complete the line-up they recruited top Northern session drummer John Powney and the super energized bass playing skills of Luis Antonio Gutarra.

Their debut album is scheduled for release this summer. Their music is hard hitting guitar driven classic British rock drawing on influences from the likes of Bad Company, Deep Purple, The Stones, Zeppelin, Queen, AC/DC, Dio and The Who.



Frank Knight - Vocals
Paul Curtis - Guitars
Luis Antonio Gutarra - Bass
John Powney- Drums

Guests: Bruce Dickinson (Little Angels) - Guitars,

Matt Sizer (Apollo) - Bass






01. Bad Habits
02. War
03. Frightman
04. Widow Ride
05. Crying To The Moon
06. Too Much Too Soon
07. Permission To Ride
08. Kinky
09. Xcellerator
10. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
11. Vegas

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Yeah, cool album cover. Sadly that's where the compliments end. The songs don't sound too bad, but I just have no time for these AC/DC rip off bands, especially with vocals like that. Yeah, good luck to the fans of this type of stuff, but it's not for me...

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