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Faithsedge - The Answer Of Insanity


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From sleazeroxx.com:


US hard rock/progressive metallers Faithsedge have released a video for the song "Comes Crashing Down", taken from their new album 'The Answer Of Insanity'.

After the critically acclaimed debut album, Faithsedge have returned with 'The Answer Of Insanity', featuring singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, former Dokken lead guitarist Alex De Rosso, drummer Tony Morra (Van Zant) and two of the best keyboard players in melodic rock, Eric Ragno (Trixter and Fergie Frederiksen) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline).

'The Answer Of Insanity' is simply a perfect mix of hard rock, heavy metal and progressive, with plenty of melodic old school hooks, concept songwriting and stripped-down edgy in-your-face production to rebel back at current trends and fads in the music business. Produced by Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Vai and Steve Lukather) and mastered by Peter Doell (David Lee Roth and Richard Marx) at Universal Mastering in Los Angeles, the album is now available worldwide through Scarlet Records.












1. Now I Know The Truth
2. Revolve My World
3. The Way I Have To Let You Go
4. Are We Gonna Stand?
5. Comes Crashing Down
6. Saving Anything
7. Pray For This
8. Until Your Home
9. When I Lost You
10. Destroy You
11. Vengeance




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Not sure I ever heard the debut but that first sample, apart from being too long, sounds pretty good. Sounds like a band I need to check out.

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Not sure I ever heard the debut but that first sample, apart from being too long, sounds pretty good. Sounds like a band I need to check out.

You most certainly do and for you fanboys out there Giancarlo is a super cool guy as well as a fantastic musician.

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So I gave the two albums a spin. Weird thing that happened was that first of all, I must have heard the debut before because I am very familiar with the song 'Whatever happened to us.' Very cool tune. The odd thing is, though, that there are quite a lot of good songs on the album that I am sure I would have liked also, yet I didn't remember any of them. So I don't know what happened there, and why I know that one song so well.


The other thing is, they seem to have taken a massive step back in every department with the new disc. Stylewise, production, sound quality, song quality... I dunno, to me it all sounds like a giant step back from the debut.

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So a few more spins of the new album and I need to slightly amend my above comment. Whilst there are still large flaws, the actual choruses and hooks on the new disc are pretty amazing. Where the album falls short is with the raw production, and also, for lack of a better word, the "tacky" kind of throwaway metal verses. It just doesn't suit what's going on here, imo.


You sit there listening to this tacky throwaway metal verse, seconds from skipping the song, when suddenly a delicious chorus hits - happens on most the songs (except the ballads, of course.) So yeah, I have to admit, the choruses are that good that it saves this album, but I hope they put at least 10min thought into the verses on their next CD. If they nailed the verse and chorus, we'd have a really serious band on our hands here.

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    • Huh, how odd. I just checked and it's indeed there. I guess I'm blind.
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