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Seconds Away


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If you like Modern Rock, check out Seconds Away. There's no official release yet, but the band has made 6 of their tracks available for free download to help gain some exposure.


From their Facebook page:

Listen up!

Gather round and tell all your friends the news!!

We're posting all of our songs RIGHT NOW for you to DOWNLOAD and SHARE for a LIMITED TIME!!

Here it is kiddos,




These guys are good. "Dissent" and "Valediction" are my favorites, but all 6 are worth listening.





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Thanks for the heads up, mate. These guys sound pretty good. Holy shit those tracks are immaculately produced for non-financed tracks.


Jeezus wept these guys sound like someone.

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Nice collection of tunes. Extremely well produced for a bunch of free MP3s - completely mainstream album release sound quality.


If you like Hinder, Lansdowne and My Darkest Days, you'll diggit.

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I'd pay money for if they get around to releasing something. They're as good as anyone else with a record deal. They mentioned shooting a video for "Dissent" so maybe an official release is on the way.

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  • My Little Pony


Sounds decent.


It does sound, dissent, doesn't it? lol. Good one, me.



You're tired. Go to bed. Wait, what side of the rock are you on?

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