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Rain Or Shine - Seize The Night


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This sounds good.

From FB:

Rain Or Shine is a promising melodic hard rock band from Greece, which was formed in 2013.Our goal is to write our own radio hit songs and contribute to the hard rock scene.After all, music is all about passion, creativity and having a good time, so there is no doubt that we're gonna continue our music journey, until all of our dreams come true.
Rain or Shine released their debut album in April 2014, called "Seize The Night".

Rain Or Shine:

Steve S.R. - Vocals,Guitars,Bass, Synths
Andy R. McCormick- Drums, Percussion


Full album: http://rainorshine1.bandcamp.com/releases






1. Fool's Paradise

2. It's A Crime

3. Believe

4. Heartbreak

5. Seize The Night

6. Don't Go

7. Spell I'm Under

8. Don't Give Up

9. All That Really Matters

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I didn't mind it either. It's solid without being great. There's one song I love on it. Top of my head I think it's 'Spell I'm Under.'

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This is getting a physical release.

From FB:

We have some great news for you, guys! Check this out! Our debut album will be released in physical format in 2018 by Lions Pride Music! Stay tuned!
Thanks for your love and support!










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    • Finally watched the video. The song is meh. The video might be one of the worst I've ever seen. Robbie and his wife playing in the backyard... why? And the whole thing so obviously shot on a phone. Robbie has that distracting looking off to the side thing throughout that you get when people look at the phone screen instead of the lens. And amateur editing. Yuck. 
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