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Hedley - Crazy For You


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Yep. That sure is catchy. The guitarist is channeling Nile Rodgers something fierce. But it really seems like Jacob is still on Canadian Idol, trying to find where he fits in this world. He needs to stick with a particular sound. Preferably his old sound.

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Holy f*ck, is this really where they're at now? I heard the Jamiroquai song above, but where's the Hedley one? Amirite?


That may be catchy, but f*ck me, didn't these guys used to be a rock band? The question has to be - why does he even need the guitarist, bass player and drummer anymore? A computer could make this shit for him and he wouldn't need to split the money.


Seriously, I will pay attention to band name until it's demise thanks to the strength of their killer debut and good follow-up, but this is not even a shell anymore of that band. Same name, sure, but not 1% in common musically with where they came from.



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