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Kjetil By featuring Robin Beck - Better Days


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New album out February 20th.

From AOR Heaven:

Norwegian guitarist, songwriter and producer Kjetil By has his fourth album finally ready to – 6 years after his latest release “Unrequited Love” (2008). This time he has moved the lead vocals to the first lady of melodic rock, Robin Beck, and this makes a huge difference to his earlier releases. Robin’s husband James Christian was also involved as a producer and with the addition of skilled Norwegian musos like Steinar Krokstad (Stage Dolls), Morten Skaget (TNT) and Dag Selboskar (Da Vinci) you can be sure to get a first class melodic rock album of the highest order.

Robin Beck - Vocals/Harmonies
James Christian - Harmonies
Kjetil By - Guitars
Morten Skaget - Bass
Steinar Krokstad - Percussion

Dag Selbosakar - Keyboards


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Firstly, is that name serious? What are some parents so cruel? Second, this is a pissweak album in terms of production and excitement and original ideas, BUT, it's not too bad if you like super safe AOR. There's some pretty good safe, nice melodic rock / AOR songs here, and on songs alone, not taking into account the weak musical backing, this is probably better than the last few Robin Beck albums, imo.

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It isn't a bad album by any means and does have a few good tracks on it, but nothing that stands out as really memorable. I agree that is it way better than Robin's last disappointing album though.

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