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Judas Priest on "The Simpsons"

Fat Freddy

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I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned before now. Maybe I'm the only one who still watches 'The Simpsons?'



Anyway, for those of you who might have missed it, Judas Priest made a brief cameo in last week's 'Simpsons' episode, "Steal This Episode," which dealt with Homer learning how to pirate movies off of the internet. When the FBI seeks to arrest him for copyright infringement, Homer and the rest of the family seek asylum in the local Swedish consulate. The FBI agent in charge sez the only way to get them to come out is by 'blasting death metal' at them, so Judas Priest roll up on a flatbed truck and perform a 'Breaking the Law' parody called 'Respecting the Law' outside the building. (to which their Swedish host, while headbanging furiously, says 'Swedes love death metal. It reminds us of death.')


(side note: Cartoon Ian Hill is WAY more buff looking than Real Ian Hill.)

Predictably, after the show aired the Internet lit up with metal fans who were offended by Priest being called a 'death metal' band (ala Comic Book Guy: 'Judas Priest isn't Death Metal! Worst! Episode! EVER!'), though I thought it was pretty frickin' funny.

...anyway, the fan reaction to their grievous error in genre definition obviously got back to the Simpsons writers, because on last night's episode, the opening 'chalkboard gag' showed Bart repeatedly writing "JUDAS PRIEST IS NOT 'DEATH METAL'" on the classroom blackboard. I guess we showed THEM!! :rofl2:


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I heard about it but watch very little if any TV.I hope they make at least 1 more studio album.Nostradamus,their last release of new material,is probably the worst thing they've ever released !

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I should watch this episode. I don't care much for The Simpsons, but my friend said they did a good job tearing the MPAA a new one. That always interests me.

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I should watch this episode. I don't care much for The Simpsons, but my friend said they did a good job tearing the MPAA a new one. That always interests me.


I'm a bigtime Simpsons geek and still watch it faithfully... I'll admit that they don't hit it out of the park every week like they used to years ago, but this one came pretty damn close, I laughed all the way thru it.


Even before they got to the Priest cameo, it was one of the better episodes I've seen this season.

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The Simpsons were cutting edge, but that was a very long time ago. The sell-out began back when they agreed to his weirdness himself, Michael Jackson's, demand that they were not to mock him in any way if he voiced a character on the show. At that time, EVERYONE was open to ridicule and satire, but in their quest for the supposed coup of getting that All-World freak on their show, they afforded him preferrential treatment. That, my fellow posters, constitutes a sell-out. This was evident in how they altered the views of their own character of Bart Simpson to bend to Jackson's wishes. Think about it - Bart Simpson is anti-establishment - he despises fads and anything aimed at the lowest common denominator. If a message is delivered by mainstream media, the character of Bart is opposed by nature to it. His admiration of Spinal Tap was merely one example of this. To have Bart display admiration for the "coolest entertainer on the planet" went against everything the character stood for. All in the name of ratings and big bucks. Sell-out! Nothing more. This is where Seth McFarlane absolutely dwarfs Mat Groening. At Family Guy, NO ONE is above being lampooned, and as strange as it sounds, this provides them integrity, whereas The Simpsons lost that the moment they caved in to Jackson's demands. The ridiculous description of Judas Priest as "death metal" is just a further example of how much the powers-that-be behind this show are out of the loop. It's lazy research, at best, and a reliance on mainstream sources, at worst. Don't get me wrong, in their heyday, The Simpsons were clever, innovative, and fearless of reprisal from mainstream media. Sadly, they've long since sacrificed their vision and joined the team.

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