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Alleycat Scratch - Greatest Licks & Nasty Tricks (2013)


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Formed in San Francisco in 1988, Sunset Strip lads ALLEYCAT SCRATCH arrived too late to the recording of their first full length CD (1993), as soon this type of music was phagocytosed by the grunge movement. But the band made some noise and gained considerable popularity during their five years of existence. Drummer Robbi Black has put together the ultimate CD package to ever be released from Alleycat Scratch: "Greatest Licks & Nasty Tricks", including 19 songs of the band's career all remastered by himself and published by Demon Doll Records.


The disc features the entire '93 album 'Deadboys In Trash City' (including the infamous bonus track "Love Song"), all 5 songs from the self-released EP 'Cheap City Thrills' recorded in 1991 with Tommy Haight on lead vocals, as well as 3 studio recordings from the never released 2nd full album 'Encore' : "Grave Gina", "Don't Forget Me" and "Sick (Of It All)". Also known as 'The Hollywood Deadboys', Alleycat Scratch is considered the last true pure sleazy hard rock act from the Sunset Strip, with hot, dirty glammy live shows. Many specialized magazines included 'Deadboys In Trash City' amongst the best Glam / Sleazy albums ever.


So if you like early Motley Crue, Vain, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns (Alleycat Scratch shared stages with 'em all) and Guns 'N Roses, you can't go wrong with titles like to “Stilletto Strut”, “Sexual Addiction”, the ballad “Roses On My Grave”, “Love Sick Junkie”, “Plastic Dolls” or the killer “Soul Survivor”. These guys were really good at their game, and this material is well produced and remastered.

Grab a bottle of Jack Daniels, turn up the volume to 10 and crank out of your speakers with "Greatest Licks & Nasty Tricks". Rocks.



01 - Stilletto Strut

02 - Take A Bite (Outta Me)

03 - Cats Got Your Tongue

04 - Soul Survivor

05 - Sexual Addiction

06 - Love Sick Junkie

07 - Cheap City Thrills

08 - Roses On My Grave

09 - Trash City

10 - Plastic Dolls

11 - Love Song

12 - Grave Gina

13 - Don't Forget Me

14 - Sick (Of It All)

15 - Cheap City Thrills (1991 Version)

16 - Kiss Kiss (1991 Version)

17 - Junior's Bones (1991 Version)

18 - Stilletto Strut (1991 Version)

19 - Take A Bite (Outta Me) (1991 Version)


Eddie Robison - lead vocals

Devin Lovelace - guitars

Robbi Black - drums

Bobby "Boa" Dias - bass

Tommy Haight - lead vocals (15-19)

Justin Sayne - second guitar (15-19)



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How many fucking times can you release this stuff...good God.

My Thoughts Exactly.


How many fucking times can you release this stuff...good God.

My Thoughts Exactly.

The fucking original is worth about $30 now...sheesh.

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