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COMEDY OF ERRORS - Fanfare and Fantasy (2013)


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So here's an album that might only appeal to a few here, but I believe it's worth mentioning. It's heavily influenced by early Marillion I guess, and they also take the symphonic part of Pendragon or maybe a little bit of Pallas, too. Musicianship is top notch, I like the vocal and the guitar part is what makes this album amazing.


The opening track, 'Fanfare For The Broken Hearted', is slow, kinda poppish, reminds me a lot of Fish-era Marillion and the solo is sensational, this is such an awesome track and probably the second best song here. The best track, IMHO, is the last track, 'The Answer', which is a Genesis-influenced epic, clocking around 9 minutes, it has an anthemic atmosphere, also very melodic, and a good mix of fast-paced and mid-tempo. The extended solo guitar is also deserved a big praise.


Another great tracks here are 'Going For A Song', started slow and then the tempo is building up with a nice melody. 'Merry Dance' is awesome too, with dancey rhythm and splendid chorus. 'The Cause' is also genius, it has crunchy intro with acoustic and maybe flute. There's an element of pyschedelic here too, and a nice playful organ starting on 3:00 before slowing down on 5:00 with clean guitars.


'Time's Motet and Galliard' has folkish element and I believe they're using mellotron here, be warned that it has a lengthy intro before the vocal kicks in after 4 minutes. Great track! 'Remembrance' is slow, also enjoyable, but kinda repetitive. Two tracks that I don't really fancy are 'Something She Said' and 'In A Lifetime', but nevertheless both ain't bad and maybe worth at least 7.5.


Great neo prog album of this year and maybe Jez, Nick, Gibbo, or Glen might want to try this out too



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It's on my ever expanding list of wants, so will get around to it soon hopefully. I have heard a couple of tracks and it sounds really good.

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  • My Little Pony

If I'm not mistaken these Scots started this endeavour in 1984, but never released anything until two years ago. I've had this sitting around for a long minute, but forgot about it due to other pressing matters. Thanks for the reminder. I'm halfway through the first track, and I can tell I'm gonna enjoy this.

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