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KISS - Right Here Right Now


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KISS have released a lyric video for "Right Here Right Now." I think that the move is a little odd, since the song was originally left off of Monster (now available on the reissue), but I'm not complaining. :headbanger:


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I would say its typical Kiss, but so many albums do this nowadays.

Airbourne did it with their first album, Reckless Love with their first album, Anthrax with Worship music.

Whether its one song or six songs, it doesnt matter, re-releasing an album within a year is a bloody rip off.

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It's a lousy industry-wide practice that's been going on for longer than I care to remember. As a huge KISS fan, this one is worth it to me, but I don't like it when any artist does it. I've actually started waiting 6-12 months to buy a lot of new releases, just in case a reissue comes out shortly down the line.

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