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Michael Monroe - Horns And Halos


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Michael Monroe's new album 'Horns And Halos' out in August. The new single 'Ballad Of The Lower East Side' out now.


From Blabbermouth:

"Now after several months, the wait is over. Michael Monroe can finally reveal that the band's upcoming studio album, "Horns And Halos", will hit stores everywhere on August 27, 2013 via Spinefarm Records. The band offers a taste of the new album in the form of a new single and video for the track "Ballad Of The Lower East Side", which can be watched now below. The track includes a nod to Michael's early days in New York, a city he moved to for a decade following the mid-'80s break up of glam punk pioneers HANOI ROCKS. The clip — directed by celebrated videographer/photographer Ville Juurikkala, who has photographed Michael for the past 10 years as well as working with LINKIN PARK, GOOD CHARLOTTE and HIM, among others — features archive footage and photos of Michael in prime Big Apple mode, interlaced with current live and backstage scenes.

"The song 'Ballad Of The Lower East Side' is about New York and especially the Lower East Side — what it was way back in the days when I lived there, how times have changed and how it is nowadays," states Monroe. "New York has always been an important city to me since I lived there for 10 years. Two members of our band still live there. It's the City of all Cities."


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Will likely pick this album up when it drops. Liked the last one but despite my affection for exCompany of Wolves guitarist Steve Conte I was a little concerned with the absence of Ginger Wildheart on the cover.


No worries if the rest of the album mirrors this song. Great stuff and great vid, too!

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TNT Diet

Ballad Of The Lower East Side

Eighteen Angels

Saturday Night Special

Stained Glass Heart

Horns And Halos

Child Of The Revolution

Soul Surrender

Half The Way


Hands Are Tied

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The single sounds good. I like MM's stuff - although he can be a bit 'hit or miss' at times :(

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I know i'll get slaughtered for this, but I have numerously, over the years tried to find anything I could by Hanoi Rocks, ive bought cd's, tried to make myself like them, or really, even find something audible by them, they are the lone and sole band that I have seen, who have a loyal following, and no matter how hard I tried, could never pick up on what it is that anyone likes about them, I am a very open minded, and very sympathetic listener, as being a gigantous Venom fan, I completely understand the weight of loving a band, not only most people do not like, but really nobody even understands what it could possibly be, that anyone else liked about the band, can someone point me towards a Hanoi Rocks disc, that sounds somewhat, well good? I just believed they were another Crisis Party that for whatever reason, actually grabbed a fan base somehow, are there any Hanoi Rocks discs that sound mainstream? or that have any solid song structure, that a newbie could actually pick up on, and maybe from there, I would be able to work backwards?

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Their most 'commercial' sounding album is probably 'Two Steps From The Move' (the album that could have seen them become HUGE, had Vince Neil not given Razzle a lift to the shops.)


My personal favourite is 'Back To Mystery City' :)

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Though there are a few pop-punk-ish songs on the album which I really don't like, it's a good one overall with a nice old-school/Rolling Stones vibe.


Btw the title track is a killer for sure.





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