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My $1.00 Find


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Nice stories here. Reading them make me want to hunt again as I've stopped, maybe a year or so ago (that's the reason why I've not been active here in HH). Anyway, my $1 find is or should I say are 9 Metallica VHS tapes - 3 of them are the LIVE SHIT, Binge & Purge, S&M, One and so forth. An entire collection for only a buck in a yard sale. I asked the guy who owned the collection 'coz it's obviously not his, he said that it was his' son-in-law.

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I dunno, theres some girls in Essex giving away free STDs


I know a man that would still be interested ...

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My best finds for a buck were Simon Says ....Spin This I found in Pittsburgh in a book store that had cd's. I turned around and sold it for over 300$.


However the best buck find, actually I think it was 10 cd's for 5$, included a copy of The Stuff, a crazy rare and unkown indie...at the time. It sold for over 1,110$.


Just recently, in February I had one of my best finds through Kijiji, a Canadian styled Craig's List. Some guy was gonna throw out over 600 cd's, unless someone came to pick them up, which he simply just left in front of his garage. I drove from Niagara Falls to Toronto and rescued those cd's. The vast majority were crap. However I did keep about about 80 to 100 titles to sell on Ebay and traded the rest to a seller at a Flea Market. I traded the remaining 500 or so for about 75 of his titles, he thought I was nuts, but those 75 titles were all quality. In the end I got over 150 really good cd's for the cost of half a tank of gas and two sandwiches at Quizno's....my ten year came along for the ride.

Awesome job! I'd make the trip for the 600 jewel cases alone.


Yeah, good work, I wonder how much you'd get if you sold all the CDs you've ended up with through this 'deal'. I can't imagine anyone giving anything away for free in the UK!



When the Golden Disc in Saouthend shut (permanently, this time), the guy who owned it was offering a discount of 25% on everything ... the fact that most of his stock was either rubbish or ridiculously over-priced for what it was probably tells you exactly why he ended up going out of business ... at the other end of the scale, there was another place, in the basement of a clothes shop, that was clearing everything out for £0.50 per CD ... I picked up stuff by Mercyful Fate, Sven Gali, Bruce Dickinson, Gorguts, Def Leppard, Poison, King Diamond ... I spent about a tenner in the end ... THAT was a good day :)

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