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The Rock bolts from izod arena angry before Raw Monday


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LOL he's way to talented to be fucking around with the WWE anyways.



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That story has absolutely no truth to it what so ever.

The truth of the matter was that he was always supposed to drop the belt to Cena, and Ziggler was certainly not supposed to cash in his contract as his contract was for the World title, not the WWE title.

Also, he didnt storm off, he was injured and has torn all sorts of muscles right off the pelvis. The original plan, which was actually put forward by The Rock, was for him to come out on Raw, get beaten down by Brock Lesnar, which would set them up for a match at next years Wrestlemania.


Not one single fan believed The Rock was gonna retain the title, and no way was Cena gonna lose a second match against him.

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I dont care Captain, just came across that story and though it was funny, I will in no way EVER!!! support the WWE as McMahon has single handedly destroyed professional wrestling, now ECW, that was a true promotion, with true talent on it's roster, and he destroyed it to, every WWE wrestler looks the same, wrestles the same, is built the same, there is no uniquness in pro wrestling anymore, they are lucky the Rock even comes around to wrestle an occasional match, bring back the real ECW, and I will watch wrestling again, until then, I will watch my ecw dvd's and remember a time when wrestling entertained me.

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