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.38 Special - Bone Against Steal

66 mustang

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Tracks 1. The Sound of Your Voice 4:57 2. Signs of Love 4:49 3. Last Thing I Ever Do 5:22 4. You Definitely Got Me 5:08 5. Rebel to Rebel 5:33 6. Bone Against Steel 5:22 7. You Be the Dam, I'll Be The Water 4:24 8. Jimmy Gillum 5:05 9. Tear It Up 4:38 10. Don't Wanna Get It Dirty 4:36 11. Burning Bridges 4:46 12. Can't Shake It 3:28 13. Treasure 5:48 Total Running Time: 63:56

I've gotta say that I really like this album a lot. The band seemed to be getting back to some of their southern roots here along with the pop/aor songs. Donnie Van Zant really steps up here and has some of the best songs on the album and the Max Carl songs are good even if a bit inconsitant.

Sound Of Your Voice is what you would expect from the band to kick off the album and first single. a sure fire .38 Special single song track. very catchy and I liked it from the first time I head it on radio. track

2 , Signs Of Love could have been pushed back a couple tracks. I'm not a big fan on having a ballad so close to the front of an album. other than that it is a vey nice song.

3.Last Thing I Ever Do is the first of the Van Zant songs. a very nice rocker with the southern side of the band coming through.

4.You Definitely Got Me - Max Carl's turn to try to keep up the rockin' vibe of the album. I enjoy it still but it is getting close to a track that I hit skip on

5. Rebel To Rebel - 2nd Van Zant song on the album.yep, this is a song from Donnie to Ronnie. a southern rock / story song about Donnies doubts of making music for a living and Ronnie's advice of "you have music in your blood whether you know it or not" to the now of the haunting feeling of Ronnie still being around watching. A total staple of live shows, a must to hear live along with the story that goes along with it.

6. Bone Against Steal - Carl sung title track. tries to be a southern pop song. good story song, catchy.

7. You Be The Dam, I'll Be The Water - I liked this a lot better when the album was new but it kind of feels it is one of those "we had a hit with Second Chance, we need another song to try to hook poeple here". It is still a good song and after a listen today I guess it does have it's place on the album.

8. Jimmy Gillum - the 3rd Van Zant song. again thie is a southern mid tempo rocker based on a true person. Jimmy was one bad dude according to DVZ. I guess Jimmy was this small guy who loved to fight and was really good at it. I have a very good story about this song on tape on .38 Special Up Close when the album was released. of couret One Percent that is mentioned in the song would later change their name to Lynyrd Skynyrd

9. Tear It Up - outside the opening track, maybe the best Max Carl rocker on the album. a really nice pop-rock song that going by lyrics alone I would have guessed it was a DVZ song

10. Don't Wanna Get It Dirty -4th Van Zant song. another AOR / Southern rocker from Van Zant. I think the song is really good. it also has a little bit of the mid-late 80's synth keys in it.

11. Burning Bridges - another Max Carl lead ballad that I can do without. not a bad song but too many "Second Chance" wanna-be songs on the album. this is more uptempo but still another ballad

12. Can't Shake It - 5th and final DVZ lead vocals. short and sweet rocker. to me every DVZ song on the album was a good one.

13. Treasure - the most "look at us, we had that song Second Chance you all loved. You will love this too" it is a good song but it is hurt by too many ballads on the album. I skip this one almost every time.


that's it. Love this album even with the ballads. this was the first CD that I ever bought. I actually bought it before I had a CD player. I had worn out the cassette at the time and knew i would get a cd player soon.

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