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My latest idea


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I got this idea the other day, I was wondering if anyone wanted in, im going to compile on one disc, my favorite elevator songs, An Elegant Elevator, maybe I can license it and sell it to Hotels, Skyscrapers, etc. maybe even to dentist offices, and medical clinics, so tell me would anyone like in? This has to be like 14 or 15 songs tops, so if you want in, you may only post one idea, so make it your absolute best idea, something you could not be standing in an elevator without hearing, or sitting with a chomp block in your mouth while big titties hover over you at the dentist, i'll go first.


Christopher Cross - Arthurs Theme(when you get caught between some poon and big titties)

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Incognito - Let the Music Play


Is that one frequented in many elevators?

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There's not too much Easy Listening in my collection, but I've always liked Dan Folgerberg's, "

". Having Glenn Frey singing backup doesn't hurt.


Having Glen Frey do anything doesnt hurt, hell having him in the same room your recording probably automatically sells you at least a thousand copies, just on fact it's Glen Frey alone!

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