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Guess the movie?


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Life is about people. It's about connections.

? It's all about connections.

It's not about tossing salads,

It's not about cocks, and ass, and tits. And butthole pleasures.

? It's not about butthole pleasures at all.

It's not about these rusty trombones, and these dirty sanchez.

And these cincinatti bowties, and these pussy juice cocktail, and these shit stained balls.

? just please stop.

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Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs??


OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! Yeah you think your just going to stroll back in under the radar, you gotta warrant out for you boy, get him guys! your right, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Chris got it, good job chris

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40 year old virgin!!!


Nice, does anyone else laugh as hard as I do at this movie? maybe im just juvenile and immature, but regardless, that shit fucking hilarious.

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