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The Deafening - Central Booking


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Lena Hall: Vocals

Burt Rock: Guitar

Dylan Doyle: Bass Guitar

Mick Harrison: Drums



"The Deafening assembled in early 2008 with two clear missions. First, the band intentionally shed nearly all the petty contrivances of popular modern rock by striping its sound to the raw heart of classic rock. Second, The Deafening seeks to earn its’ name by resurrecting the bombastic theater of the big live rock and roll show. Influences are numerous, and primarily counted as Guns N’ Roses, MC5, Iggy Pop, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, AC DC, Queen, and The Misfits. The band’s trademark is a unique blend of glam, horror, punk, blues and sleaze rock blasted through big guitar stacks, all while boasting one of the most interactive and memorable stage shows ever put together."





Listen to the whole album:



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Not bad. I like 'You Will Remember The Dead', but I think there will be so many good albums this year, anything I buy will have to be really special, so I don't see this one making the cut.


When she's really going for it, her vocals remind me a lot from the bloke in the British metal band New England from the 90s. Is it just me?

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I've been looking for this one for a long time to have. I always fancied female fronted rock 'n' roll and I love this band too, I have to say. It's like the elder sister of Diemonds: simply, raw, cool, sleazy music.


My fave track so far:



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