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Hardreams - Unbroken Promises


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Perris Records releases the new one from Hardreams, 'Unbroken Promises', on Jan 15th.








1 Count On Me

2 A High Mountain To Climb

3 It's Only Love

4 The War Is Over

5 Woman In Black

6 Now You Are Mine

7 The Land Inside Our Souls

8 Goin' Fast

9 Unbroken Promises

10 Cross The Line

11 All And Now



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What an impactful preview. They sound just like they did before. The accent will always keep them from being great, and songs like those previewed will only make it even harder. I'll give it a go, but sadly don't expect too much.

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Well, I gotta say, this is by far their best album yet. A few fillers bring down the overall score for me, but inbetween them there's some good material on this disc. Much better quality than before, and a good heavier sound with a good production job:


1. Count On Me (4:01) - great melodic rock opener, killer chorus - 8.50

2. A High Mountain To Climb (3:21) - really average rocker - 6.00

3. It's Only Love (4:18) - beautiful melodic rocker - 9.00

4. The War Is Over (5:27) - nice melodic rocker once more - 8.00

5. Woman In Black (4:06) - another good solid melodic rocker - 7.75

6. Now You're Mine (5:06) - good meloidc rock ballad - 7.75

7. The Land Inside Our Souls (5:17) - good, solid melodic rocker - 7.50

8. Goin' Fast (3:56) - blatant, bad filler - 4.00

9. Unbroken Promises (4:07) - really nice melodic rock, probably the best here - 9.00

10. Cross The Line (4:58) - nice pretty solid melodic rocker - 7.75

11. All And Now (5:28) - pretty average bluesy ballad - 5.00


Total - 73%

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I recall their first disc being great, probably as strong as this, but I kinda forgot and need to take a listen again. Weakness clearly shown on the singer. He has average vocal timbre, but not bad at all, some harmonic vocals here did work pretty well. And while he's a bit accented, I've heard worse. Musically, I guess the rhythm section is solid and the guitar is probably the best element here, I love his riffs and solos.


I agree with you that 'Count On Me', 'It's Only Love', and 'Unbroken Promises' are the strongest tracks here. Although the latter has patchy verse, but the chorus is magnificent. I also dig 'Woman In Black', a 8/10 for me. I guess 'Now You're Mine' is okay, and together with 'The Land Inside Our Souls' are 7/10 tracks, bordering filler I guess. I can see that 'Goin Fast' isn't really a great track but are you sure it's a 4/10 ? coz it's like a 7/10 for me, good hard rock fast paced stuff. 'Cross The Line' again struggling with the verse but the chorus is quite nice. Surprisingly, I don't mind 'All and Now', the slow bluesy hooks strangely reminds me of old Ray Charles song.


All in all, a good album and worth to buy for those strong tracks alone. I have nothing below 7/10 here and if you really don't mind the vocal, I think it's a nice buy. BTW, I'm curious Geoff, how do you arrive in a score like 7.75, why not 7.5 or just go with 8 ? do you also have a personal math system for a single song ? :D



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Honestly mate, I could rate shit like 'Gion' fast' a 0 and be content with that. I despise songs like that. I think 4 is more than generous. ;)


I agree on the accent. It's definitely there, but not as bad as others I've heard and not a deal breaker. This album seems better produced than previous efforts, and just stronger in terms of song writing for the most part.


As for the 0.25 differences in my ratings, I just got to a point where I'd been rating so many albums that there became a distinct difference between, for example, a 7.5 and an 8, and I needed something inbetween. Just a way I evolved with so many albums being rated... :)

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    • Atlantis is amazing 👏  Was my album of that year 
    • A lot to like on this release but also some stuff just too light for me. 
    • What a honey Gudrun Laos was and what a Killer track this is!    
    • I didn't say I didn't like it. It's a good album, but I guess after years of reading folks praise for it I built it up to be something more than it actually was. 
    • We already know you're a leftist idiot! Known all around these parts!
    • How are you guys letting horrible songs get into your head???
    • I'm surprised you didn't like it. That's a shame. 
    • It's a mystery alright, although how the band could okay this for release is an even bigger mystery. Also find it intresting that all of the reviews I've read have failed to mention the bizarre mixing and mastering of this record, which kinda makes you question their credibility as rock reviewers.   This I don't agree with at all. The thing that makes H.E.A.T the awesome band that they are is that they've never compromised with their sound or felt the urge to follow trends. We all know that they've could have gone the Dynazty route, making hard 'n' heavy records, that would probably have made them an even bigger and more popular band with the masses. Of course that's not what the fans want, and they know that. We want H.E.A.T to sound like H.E.A.T - and I think they've done a damn fine job of that on this record. I don't mind a bit of experimentation, like on Demon Eyes, as long as it's the exception and a temporarily deviation from the trademark sound. As for bangers, I do think there are some here, but they're all ruined to some degree by the poor mixing job. No, they don't reach the awesomeness of let's say "Dangerous Ground" or "Rock Your Body" from the last album, but stuff like "Nationwide", "Not For Sale", "Hold Your Fire" and "Wings Of An Aeroplane" come pretty damn close. Being the AOR fanatic I am, my main criticism with this band is always that I want them to be more AOR, like on the first 2-3 records. If you're looking for a direction, then this record is clearly a distinctive step away from that. They want to be pure melodic hard rock and not AOR, I think it's pretty clear. Truthfully it's been evident from "Tearing Down The Walls" and onward, but Force Majeure makes it even more evident that no change in that direction is very probable.   If there's anything that this album doesn't lack, it's guitars. The guitars are so loud in the mix that Kenny´s vocals are drowning in them. The album is unlistenable with good headphones, you have to play it through speakers or earphones to make it somewhat listenable. Other weird little things about this record: CD is released in Europe as a f*cking digipak for some reason. Who's beind this strange and unnecessary decision, the band or the label? Also, no writing credits. You have to go to Discogs or Spotify to find out who wrote these tunes.
    • You need to know who you are before trying to figure out who other people are.
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